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May 15, 2010 09:10 AM

Juan-Carlos Cruz arrested for murder plot - anyone remember his food network show?

apparently tried to hire homeless people to kill someone. I do not remember his program "Calorie Commando" at all!


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  1. I remember this guy, watched one or two of his shows. Just goes to show what losing so much weight can do to your mind>

    1. I do. He was probably the most boring person I have ever seen on TV.

      1. Interesting! I took a pro-pastry course from him in LA in the 2001 or 2002, this was when he was losing weight. I like him and he was a good teacher. Then he got the "cut the calories" religion and did the Food Network program, which I didn't find too interesting. Never would have believed him possible of doing something like this, though! I'd love to know what the back story is.

        1. That's crazy! I remember the show. Elie Krieger's healthy recipes outshine his by far though...

          1. oh wow, i remember him! wild story!

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              For what its worth, he is a friend of mine....I sh*t when I saw the news...I wrote a bit about it on the blog


              1. re: ccognac

                I guess he was not the person you thought he was, killing someone is very bad but toactually plan a killing of someone you loved and married! This man's dark side overshadowed any good he had in him.

                1. re: dolly52

                  I must shut my mouth, just read that Juan Carlos was trying to have his wife killed because she was despondent due to her infertility and he was going to commit suicide after that. This is one very very sad and strange story and hope these people get some help.

                  1. re: dolly52

                    Very, very sad and strange. can you post a link to that article?

                2. re: ccognac

                  thanks for the insight!

                  ccognac, so you are the "hungry detective?" neat!

                  as a matter of law, the guy hasn't been convicted -- he's been accused and ***presumed*** innocent (now that's a sociological study, right there!). maybe he did it and maybe he didn't. it's a human tragedy no matter which one is the actual case.

                  1. re: ccognac

                    It's sad that he seems to have lost his way so badly. I can't imagine seeing something like that on the news and knowing the accused! what a shock for you.

                    1. re: jujuthomas

                      yea I am....Juan, I dont know...its not like him, I am not saying he did or didnt do it...but he had a big heart and I dont know what could have led to are right, it is a very sad story indeed