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May 15, 2010 06:56 AM

Sunday Brunch in Old Town Alex?

I'm sorry if this is already up here somewhere, but a few different searches didn't turn up what I was looking for. Does anyone have suggestions for a good and not-too-expensive (under $15/person) where we could take visiting friends for brunch in Old Town this weekend? My best friend and her husband, both grad students, are visiting, and although we'd like to get out and enjoy the sunshine this weekend, we're not sure where to go. Kid-friendly would be a plus for our toddler. Thanks!

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  1. Or do we just go further afield to Evening Star in Del Ray? I've not yet been but reviews seem positive and the vibe looks exactly right for us. What do you think?

    Evening Star Cafe
    2000 Mt. Vernon Ave., Alexandria, VA 22301

    1. Royal Restaurant is the classic diner-style brunch place in Old Town. Definitely kid-friendly.

      A little more upscale but still in your price range would be Overwood, Chadwicks, or Fontaine Caffe.

      Lots of folks like Southside 815 for a southern-style brunch.

      Vermilion does a very good brunch, but might be a bit pricey depending on how you order.

      If you want outdoor seating to take advantage of the sun, Taverna Cretekou has a nice courtyard in back. The food is not great, though, and I suspect that they've probably jacked up prices to closer to $20+ in the years since I've been there for brunch.

      220 N Lee St, Alexandria, VA 22314

      Southside 815
      815 S Washington St, Alexandria, VA 22314

      203 The Strand, Alexandria, VA 22314

      Vermilion Restaurant
      1120 King St., Alexandria, VA 22314

      Taverna Cretekou
      818 King St, Alexandria, VA 22314

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      1. re: sweth

        La Strada is pretty fantastic, also Columbia Firehouse and Rustico.

        827 Slaters Lane, Alexandria, VA 22314

        La Strada
        1905 Mount Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA 22301

        1. re: ChewFun

          Rustico I agree but could be more-15.00?

          827 Slaters Lane, Alexandria, VA 22314

          1. re: Smiles2008

            Does Rustico even do brunch? If so (I've never seen any indication that they do, although I also haven't gone there on a Sunday morning), it would probably be in the under-$15 range, as almost everything on their lunch menu is in that range.

            827 Slaters Lane, Alexandria, VA 22314