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May 15, 2010 06:10 AM

New York's Best Italian Bistro Scottsdale, AZ

Caught a movie yesterday which let out @ 7pm. Finding ourselves in the area of FLW and Scottsdale road we weren't in the mood to tangle with the Friday Night Crowd.

We have been wanting to try New York's Best (under the new ownership!)
When we ariived the parking lot was quite full. Frank Sinatra music playing on the cute patio set the mood of the evening! Festive and fun!

The restaurants interior is dimly lit and adorable. I felt like I had been transported to back to the North End of Boston to my favorite Mom and Pop Red Sauce restaurant.

I started w/ a glass of chianti and we ordered a calamari inferno to share. This was a lightly fried calamari tossed in a spicy Marinara sauce. Along with the appetizer we were given a complimentary loaf of warm herbed focaccia and bowl of seasoned olive oil. I found myself dipping my bread in the marinara.

The evening was beautiful, the patio setting as the sun set couldn't have been more beautiful.

Our entrees came...The obligatory Spaghetti and meat sauce for Mike,with fresh grated parmesean. I had the Chicken Francese...with a side of rotelle tossed in olive oil and garlic. We cleaned our plates!

We saw many dishes pass by us that make us want to return for more: The Scicilian Pizza, The eggplant, The orceiette w/ homemade sausage. The fresh seaofod dishes, the Veal Chop, the Osso Bucco.

We will return! It may be this weekend!

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  1. Sounds nice, cg -- always looking for a good Italian mom&pop. Since Scottsdale/FLW is such a vast, sprawling complex of endless emporia in every direction, can youidentify the location a bit more specifically? One can drive around in there for a half-hour before realizing one may be on the wrong corner of the intersection.

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      The specific address is 13901 N. 73rd street. (Scottsdale Rd and Thunderbird) The restaurant has been there for many years under different ownership. It sits catty - corner to the airport runway.

      We did return again last evening after meeting friends for cocktails. We went simple this time and ordered the thin crust pizza w/ fresh mozzarella..... was delightful!

      New York's Best Italian Bistro
      13901 N 73rd St, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

    2. We live in the neighborhood and have driven by this place a million times and always talked about trying, but never did. Until ciaogal's review.

      My husband and I went last night. The food was great, the family that owns and runs the restaurant could not have been nicer. We each ordered a special - pork scallopine with arugula pesto and the sole with linguini and lemon sauce. Both were excellent and the prices are so reasonable. Saw pizza coming out that looked great. One of the owners said on Sunday's they do Mamma's Gravy - red sauce with meatballs, sausage, and braciole. We will definitely be back and passing the word in the neighborhood.