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May 14, 2010 06:18 PM

Any places to sit outside and have a cup of coffee?

I'm looking for any old place in Queens where I can sit outside and have a cup of coffee. Not a cafe with waiter service though, just a place with outdoor, seat yourself chairs, where you can linger for as long as you like. Thanks in advance for the help!

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  1. that's a good question...hmmm, let me think--since you didn't specify an area or accessibility to that area--not sure if these would work could get coffee at Starbucks and then sit on a bench at Atlas Park for however long you wished...
    you could get coffee from the Science Museum cafe and sit in Flushing Meadow Park as long as you want, or sit at the chairs outside by the miniature golf area-

    Or better yet, -you could bring your own coffee from one of the good places in LIC and go to Gantry Park and sit in the red wooden adirondack chairs or lie in a hammock and enjoy the view and cool scenery...

    OR you could hang out in Socrates Scultpure park..and grab some coffee or whatever at Costco dirt cheap right next door--and then pretend it's not there---

    If you're thinking more urban sidewalk setting, can't think of anything other than cafes'--
    let us know where you ended up!

    1. othello deli in astoria has that do many others in the area.