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May 14, 2010 03:39 PM

Castroville Artichoke Festival - anyone been?

I love artichokes and have always wanted to go to the festival but I can't find any specific details about the cost. I know adult entry is $10 but does that include any free food once inside the event? If there is a cost, what would, say, the famed fried artichoke cost? Any feedback on the event would be very helpful - it's May 15 and 16! Thanks!

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  1. Haven't been to the festival, but did stop for deep-fried artichokes which I found to be unpalatable gut bombs, dipping sauce and all. A few for the novelty but dumped the rest.

    To me artichokes overall are just a good excuse to eat mayonaise, but little else and a plumb steamed artichoke bottom slathered with mayonaise is a lovely taste and texture combination.

    Hope you report back because having visited the Gilroy Garlic Festival was definitely worth the drive ..... once.