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May 14, 2010 02:01 PM

use it or toss it?

i have a simply calphalon nonstick pan.. it's 2 layers nonstick and hard anodized exterior.. when i was cooking one time, i accidentally hit the surface with a steak knife ( trying to turn over something, being very careful not to touch the surface [but it did anyway!! i know i know... it happens all the time]. it scratched a very lil bit which is not even an inch at all.. should i try to return this? because before this happened there's always food residue that's hard to come when i clean it.. but you see i don't wanna pay the cost for shipping if it's worth 30 or 50 and they won't replace it.. if i decide to continue using this, is this still safe to use? i don't really see any flakes coming off.. it's hard to tell coz it's black and the way the nonstick looks like, it's not shiny at all, unlike my any other regular nonstick pans.. why is that by the way?? thanks for reading and i deeply appreciate any advice..

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  1. I don't think it will hurt to keep using it. At least I hope it won't. I've been using a scratched Calphalon pan for a few years. Calphalon isn't coated like Teflon, so I think the biggest danger would be having bacteria trapped in the scratch, but heat should kill that.

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    1. Did you scatched the exterior or the interior?

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        i scratched the interior.. but the way the interior is coated it looks different.. it's not shiny at all unlike my other regular nonstick pans.. thanks for the reply.

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          In my experience, many of the Calphalon nonstick surfaces have a slightly sandy feel to them. Not all, but many of the Calphalon cookware lines have a sandy surface and none of them have shiny surfaces. Calphalon is one of the leading manufacturers in nonstick aluminum cookware. The "not shiny" surface is an indication for high quality cookware. Of course, it really depends on your definition of shiny. Your shiny may not be my shiny. Nonethless I am going to quote a few passages:

          "Look for a smooth, matte finish. This indicates the coating has been applied and cured correctly. If it has a shiny finish, it has a silicone coating. Silicone coatings can react badly with animal fats and are not the best choice for skillets and frying pans"

          "The color of the coating should not be shiny, because that means it has been coated with silicon, which does not react well with animal fats. "

          "Make sure that the nonstick cookware you buy has a matte finish as this would ensure that the nonstick material is PTFE. A shiny finish would indicate that silicone was used instead. Silicone is good for bakeware but for range top cooking, it is not.

          Maybe this is your first high quality nonstick cookware :


          I hope we have answered your question.