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May 14, 2010 01:42 PM

Baru 66 in Des Moines, IA?

I've been hearing nothing but good things since it opened - any Chowhounds tried it yet?

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  1. Have not tried yet, trying to come up with a special enough ocassion to stop by, but have also heard nothing but good / great things about the new spot. I did have some pastries/cookies from one of the co-owner's stalls down at the DSM Farmer's Market, and they were awesome. :)

    Have to let us know how it is, if you stop by.

    1. Just found this. Local food blogger and back of the house worker. Not sure if he's a "chef" but definitely in the business.

      1. Had dinner there last week. Loved the food. Had the filet mignon and it was prepared perfectly with an array of veggies and covered in a very good sauce that complemented the dish well. Our server was attentive and professional, made us feel very welcome. He was very knowledgeable about the menu and wine selections. All in all, I would definitely go there again.

        1. By far the best meal I have had in 49 years of living in DSM. Excellent french onion soup, scallops, cheese and fruit platter and wonderful service!!! Highly recommend!!

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            Went back a second time....just as good as the first visit. This place is a keeper!

          2. My wife and I had dinner there last night. Probably the best dining experience in Des Moines. The food was top notch and our waiter was outstanding. He appreciated our questions and answered them, even going in depth on the preparation of the foie gras, as if he himself prepared it. They have two chef choice options, a 4 course and a 6 course. Each come with wine pairings. I recommend these, put your faith in the chefs skill and let him bring you what he does best.