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May 14, 2010 01:26 PM

Jack's Tapas to close

Sounds like the owners are retiring. Last day is Sunday 5/16, alas.

It's Street Fair weekend, which makes it a pain to get there, but it's your last chance for their hand-shaved noodles.

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  1. When I was there last week, they told me tonight (Friday 5/14) was their last night.
    Might want to call and check.

    Yes, sad to see them go. I think the name confused people...

    Agree their hand shaved noodle dishes were great.
    Also enjoyed their scallion bread and beef tendon appetizer.

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    1. re: GreenYoshi

      Oh, NOOOOOOOO...
      Who can help us get our fix of hand shaved noodles (or direct us to a recipe)?

    2. Bad name / marketing. Even worse food. I've never tasted this much sweetness in "Chinese" food since PF Chang's.

      Hopefully something better will take over the space.

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      1. re: HungWeiLo

        Yes, Jack's was somewhere between iffy and unreliable, but we went back again and again for the hand-shaved noodles. Anybody know where we can get our fix now??

        1. re: mrnelso

          If confined to Seattle proper, Shanghai Garden does a good green barley hand-shaven noodles. Don't bother with their other dishes, though.

        2. re: HungWeiLo

          I'll grant you the three-cup chicken, for instance, was sweet, and I didn't care for it.

          In addition to the noodles, I liked the simple and dignified vegetable dishes. No doubt it's because I've been going to the wrong restaurants, but most times when I order vegetables at a Chinese (or "Chinese," if you prefer) restaurant in Seattle, I find them bland, gloppy, with no discernable vegetable taste. Friday at Jack's, had sauteed fresh pea-vines in garlic sauce: simple, clean, nice texture, tasted like spring. I had good luck at other times with Chinese chives and green beans.

          Any recommendations from the experts for Chinese restaurants in Seattle that handle vegetables especially well?

          1. re: AnonymousCoward

            In Chinese cooking schools, I think whipping up a vegetable dish is among one of the first things you learn. It's the first lesson because it's usually a pretty simple affair - lots of chopped up garlic, peanut oil, and vegetables in a fiery wok for a minute or so. So the sauce should definitely not be "gloppy", it should almost be a broth-like feel to the sauce. However, many times they may taste a bit bland - and this is done on purpose. The vegetables, when presented in its lonesome such as a pea vine dish, were probably made to counter the meat dishes to achieve some sort of gastronomical balance (certainly this doesn't apply to full vegetarian meals with dishes full of different complementary vegetables).

            Recommendations are highly subjective in this case. Depending on the cuisine, some vegetable dishes are made much oilier or gloppier than others. For the ultimate simple, Mike's Noodle House serves Chinese broccoli boiled in water served with a smattering of oyster sauce. Nothing special, but it's usually pretty fresh (and simple/clean). I've never had the pea vines at Jack's. It sounds like they used good and fresh ingredients for their veggie dishes.

            Mike's Noodle House
            418 Maynard Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104

        3. I live nearby, and this has been my go-to spot for Chinese. Can anyone recommend anything else in the area? Yummy Cafe by the Sand Point Metropolitan Market? Chiang's Gourmet on Lake City? Snappy Dragon?? Help!

          Metropolitan Market
          1908 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA

          Snappy Dragon
          8917 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115

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          1. re: Earl of Sandwich

            Aw, this is sad. But I think the hand shaven noodles at 7 Stars Pepper are much much tastier.

            1. re: Earl of Sandwich

              I am sad to see Jack's go. So long as you didn't order the american style dishes, they did a fabulous job, especially, as people have mentioned with the sesame bread, the noodles and the vegetables. One of the only chinese restaurants that my orders would inadvertently end up entirely vegetarian. Though they had great beef tendon and also salt and pepper prawns.

              We had a reasonably good lunch at Utopia Cafe on the ave, in the same block of stores as Pams and Chilis, so like 50th?