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May 14, 2010 01:06 PM

Wine at Binny's: what do you like at $10-15

Which wines from Binny's are you drinking? My price point is $10-15

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  1. In that price range, I'm drinking Mark West and Mirassou pinots.

      1. re: wineaux

        Great Spanish wines for under $15.00. My wife and I picked these out of 50 wines at a wine tasting recently at Binny's Schaumburg. The Alceno Roble 2007 is a Sarah for $12.59, the Agoston 2008 is a cabernet/temperanillo for $8.99 and the Barco Piedra 2008 temperanillo is $13.49.

        Great post idea! Hope we get lots of replies.

          1. re: jfoumb

            You've got to try The Show. 2007 Cabernet from California made by Joel Gott. Great stuff for the money. $12.99

        1. today I picked up Dogajolo from Tuscany for $9.99, House Wine (California) for $8, and Tinto Lena (Spain, 1 liter!) for $7.99 which isn't amazing but good for a party. The Dogajolo is great!

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            A friend of mine picked up a bottle of Peter Clancy (blend) at Binny's that we shared over some great vietnamese food last night. Very smooth. Link from Binny's below:


          2. Cline Old Vine Zinfandel is always a winner at that price point. Also, Thousand Flowers by Hop Kiln, although I've had trouble finding that more recently.

            1. Geyser Peak Cab Sauv '06 is running at 13.99 - great solid wine for the money