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May 14, 2010 12:36 PM

Yosemite Road Trip

Hi there,
We are taking a road trip from Orange County to Yosemite. Does anyone have any suggesionts for places to stop or eat in the area? We are staying in a cabin outside the Valley and we love taking little day trips.

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  1. It sorta depends on what foods you're into and which route you want to take. The 5 to the 99 and up through the Valley is going to be a bit different than if you're taking the 1 up the coast and then cutting over on the 41. Me, I'd take the 1, but I don't get out to the water as much as I'd like. Or you could do breakfast at the Grapevine, lunch in Fresno, dinner in Oakhurst and be at the cabin in time for bed.

    1. sounds like you want recs for the Yosemite area while you're there?

      Fresno hounds?