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May 14, 2010 12:28 PM

What's for lunch today?

I looked and didn't find a thread about lunch. Since I love eating lunch either in or out, I wanted to see if others love lunch too.

This week and maybe next [depending on if I'm still able to] I'll continue on the cleanse that started this past Monday. It's pretty regimented so for now, it's a bit boring but that'll only last into next week at most.

Today, since just making my lunch I'll report on that.
Assembled a huge green salad that is living in a huge Tupperware bowl. I've used it the last 3 days. It's romaine, cherry tomatoes, carrots, celery, spring onions and steamed fresh green beans, and radishes.
So to that, I'm allowed to add for my lunch, my palm sized portion of a protein so either chicken or fish or ??? but not red meat so no beef. Also only able to use that spritzer spray salad dressing and I did. I got 3 flavors from the market so with that, I'm set. It isn't ranch or blue cheese or 1000 Island, but it's ok and doable. I took a 3 oz portion of tuna out of the foil packet and mixed that in my salad and either I'm starving or it's pretty darn good, I think I'm starved.

What are you making for lunch or if eating out, what are you planning on dining on?
Enjoy your day and have a bagel for me, lots of cream cheese please :)

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    1. re: laliz

      was reading many cookbooks yesterday as my car was at the dealership for recall part. also grabbed a book '500 things you can do with baking soda'. wonder if anyone has ever done their suggestion of taming red sauce acidity with a tsp of baking soda. I've not

      1. re: iL Divo

        I have. It worked well once, but the second time I was left with something so insipid it was alien. It didn't taste of tomato anymore,,,it was like oregano bechamel. I had to dump the whole batch. Proceed with caution. :)

        1. re: scoyart

          oh I won't be using this technique. never would have even thought about it and was surprised it was even a suggestion to do.
          thanks for your post scoyart

    2. My lunch just turned into hummus and babaganoush (sp?) with Kashi TLC crackers, asapragus spears and a bowl of blueberries with a kiwi and a banana.
      Your salad sounds delicious, and your lunch sounds like what I used to have when I maintained my weight better.
      Thank for the inspiration!

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      1. re: rabaja

        Yours sounds darned healthy--and delicious.

        1. re: rabaja

          oh you're so kind, you're welcome and thank you.
          your lunch sounds WAAAAY better than mine because I'm a sucker for all you got to eat.
          but this is from a Dr. and a friend of mine was on it. I'd love to say I feel cleansed, whatever that's supposed to feel like, or at best, thinner. :(

        2. Today it was a bite of hummus and three jumbo BBQ shrimp, which my neighbor brought over last night (wanting some feedback on his recipe), with a piece of baguette, half an orange, and one slice of fennel salami. (I will be diplomatic, but neighbor's BBQ shrimp was not very good; he loves "reinterpreting" recipes, but unfortunately his experiments often don't work out so well.)

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          1. re: nomadchowwoman

            well we're probably all in the same boat cause when I go 'inventive' mine often fall flat too.
            like what was I thinking last week doing the cheese cake the way I did adding what I did? fortunately for me, it all worked out but wasn't very pretty, but delicious to the mouth.

            tomorrow we'll be gone but I know that anywhere, even on the road, I can pick up a big green monster of a salad with some chix and I'll just use the olive oil and vinegar.
            I must be strong I must be strong I must be strong......................uff

          2. Big salad with real Caesar salad dressing but used only the smallest bit, with 2 jumbo steamed shrimp and a lovely piece of halibut with water.
            Anybody else into eat?

            1. Today's lunch was chili featuring, among other ingredients, powdered red Bell, pulla and bhut joloka peppers, epazote and chicory coffee. Absolutely delish, if I do say so myself, but also the hottest chili I've ever made. That bhut jolokia powder from is the real deal.

              Martha White cornbread on the side.

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              1. re: Perilagu Khan

                "hottest chili"

                Yes, indeed, my respect for your taste buds just grew 100%.

                I had a bagel with veggie cream cheese and a banana. After all, it's Sunday in the

                1. re: bushwickgirl

                  Said buds are now well and truly cauterized.

                  The Khantessa, who's pretty doggone tough, could only eat about five spoonfuls, the poor deer.