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May 14, 2010 12:19 PM

Now it's Victoria, Texas

My Texas travels now take me to Victoria for one night. I won't restrict this request too much except for great food. Upscale dining, nice wine, no chains, and good food. If there are too many choices I will then limit it to cuisine from regions of France and Italy but something tells me I will not have to go that far.
Many thanks to the wonderful Texas chowhounds who love good food and who respond. There is no excuse to have bad food right?


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  1. Good luck. There are numerous chain restaurants in Victoria: Johnny Carinos, Red Lobster, Texas Roadhouse, Chili's, etc. Your expectations seem to be very high, and I'm afraid you may be disappointed in Victoria's offerings.....if you like steak, Greek Bros. on Navarro is good and their mushroom appetizer (comes complimentary with entree) is wonderful. Although certainly not upscale, La Hacienda (also on Navarro) is fine for Tex-Mex cuisine. The city of Rockport (about an hour and fifteen minutes drive) may be an option for you to explore, especially for seafood.

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      lillidalla, that was my reaction as well. This is Victoria, a nice small city, but to expect too many choices and then limit it to France or Italy, please. I have had some delicious fried chicken there, but mikey is expecting too much.

    2. I usually just pass right by Victoria and haven't been into town in ages but did a little looking for places I would try - I cannot vouch for any of these but they look interesting:

      Fossatti's claims to be the oldest deli in Texas - WHA?

      A restaurant run by a Middle Eastern family high atop Victoria's tallest skyscraper???

      I like Roadfoodish places:

      Greek brothers in El Campo was mentioned recently in a thread about nearby El Campo and as noted they have a location in Victoria. Victoria is close enough to the coast that seafood should be an option.

      Also found a mention of Toscana Bakery and cafe on Aviation that uses a wood-fired oven. That should be a plus - who knows?

      Also came across a couple of chains that you may not be aware of but should avoid - Casa Ole (Tex-Mex) and Baytown Seafood Co. - neither are chow-worthy.

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        Those sound great. Thanks! The map makes Victoria out to be bigger than it is. So, now Dallas or Houston typoe restaurants huh? Okay, I will stick to good Mexican. I love Middle Eastern too. Thanks for the suggestions.