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May 14, 2010 12:08 PM

Looking for best BBQ brisket

Hey Hounders. I'm about to relocate to the Twin Cities and am looking for the best BBQ in the Cities - specifically brisket. But I love just about all BBQ. I've had Rooster's in St Paul, Famous Dave's, and I have Big Daddy's BBQ on the list. So any other locations/places would be awesome.

I'm also willing to travel to the burbs and beyond, so any MN or Western WI suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. You are going to be disappointed with BBQ brisket here if your preference is in the style of the legendary Texas places (e.g. the ones in Lockhart, hand sliced and sold by the pound).

    Your choices for that style are going to be Rack Shack in Burnsville, Baker's in Eden Prairie, Famous Dave's and maybe Q Fanatic (although I don't have first hand knowledge).

    Truthfully, the lack of a decent brisket has led me to get my own smoker up and running, despite my woeful lack of free time. The best brisket I've had in MSP was one that was shipped to me from Texas.

    I'm not saying BBQ is universally terrible here in MSP...but brisket is one of those things that doesn't seem to be understood/offered at all here. As I always say, I hope to be proven wrong.

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      Thanks MSPD. I do like the Texas brisket and like yourself, I also get some brisket shipped in from Texas. My favorite place is the New Braunfels Smokehouse (

      Up in MSP, I have tried the Rack Shack (dry and tasteless), and I may give the others a shot. Thanks for the input.

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        I'm finding that Rack Shack, as well as my experiences over the years at Bakers, vary depending on the time of day and, in the case of Bakers, how busy it is. Bakers is an outpost of a Texas mini-chain and they know the genre, but they aren't always busy enough so the food can sit in a holding pattern for a long time.

        Good luck, welcome to MSP and please let us know if you find anything good.

    2. My advice: Make your own. Nothing here is any good. We're a distant second to what I've had in the Dallas airport.

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        1. First of all, Big Daddy's doesn't do brisket. The beef ribs, however, are awesome.

          Q Fanatic is worth a look. It won't be anything like the legendary brisket you can get in Texas, but it's the closest thing we've got here.

          While it is worth a try, I would agree with Jim that making your own is probably the best bet.

          1. Porkers pit at the b-dale club (2100 n dake st, Roseville) has a menu. Tony has competed and won bbq contests for years. i love his brisket the best. Also he nades some awesome chilpotle bbq sauce