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May 14, 2010 11:05 AM

Any decent pizza around Cherry Hill?

So my significant other and I have been on a search for the best pizza in the area for some time now. So far we have tried a bunch of crappy not-worth-mentioning places in Mount Laurel, La Vitas in Mount Holly, and Taconnelli's in Maple Shade. La Vitas I liked, but is kind of out of the way for us. I thought Taconnelli's was pretty good as well, but not nearly as great as everyone makes it out to be. For one, they used canned diced tomatos as a topping. I've never had that before, and was NOT a fan.

A couple weekends ago we spent an afternoon just driving along 38, 73 and 70, just praying that a pizza place would catch our eye and be the land of cheesy, crispy, crusty goodness. Sadly, that was not the case. I think we ended up having to settle for Saladworks. Sad.

If anyone has any, ANY pizza recommendations in the Cherry Hill area (will travel for pizza!) they would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. King of Pizza on Rt 70, still as good as it was when I used to go there in High School in the 70's. The sausage pizza there is great, they use shredded sausage, it's the only place I ever get it on a pie.
    My family, who still lives there, also like Peoples Pizza, I think it's on 38.

    1. There's a La Vita (same owner) on Main St. in Moorestown. A bit farther, but worth the trip, is Alfred's Tomato Pie on the Black Horse Pike in the center of Blackwood. They do "pizza for adults", and you won't be out of place if you bring in a nice bottle of wine.

      1. I've discovered Vitos in CH on Haddonfield-Berlin Rd & Browning Lane. I like a thin crust pizza, and this is the best I've found around here. I always ask for them to cook it a bit longer so it's extra crispy. The service is a bit unfriendly, but don't be put off by that. You can eat there as well, but there is zero atmosphere.
        My sister lives in Lumberton and there is a great pizza place in Vincentown called Riviera. Probably the closest to a NY/North Jersey pizza I've had down here. I don't know if you can eat there though. I had heard that Alfred's is very good as well, but it's really out of the way. I'd check out Vito's and see what you think. Oh, don't bother looking for pizza in Haddonfield, Collingswood, Haddon Hts, or Audubon. We've tried them all over the years and have been consistently disappointed!

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          There's also a Riviera Pizza in Medford Lakes-very good! Take Rt 70 to 541-turns into Stokes Rd. They also have a dining room that is a BYOB.
          Brothers Pizza in Cinnaminson on Rt 130 has been there over 30 yrs-also very good.

          1. re: jerseygal

            My husband and I did not like this pizza. It was bland. The restaurant is tiny with cramped seating and the pizza was the average NJ bland fare. We are from Chicago and after living in NJ for over 20 years -- we have not found one decent pizza place.

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            Vito's? Really? I must pass by that place thousands of times of the years and have never tried it - will have to give it a go one of these days.

            My husband swears by King of Pizza and goes into withdrawal if he doesn't get it at least once a week. When my siblings visit from their respective homes in Lake Tahoe or Pensacola, I will often order a few pies slightly undercooked, and freeze the slices so they can bring home 1-2 pies each.

            A tiny pizza place opened up two years ago on Kings Highway, between the bowling alley and the Cherry Hill Library in a strip mall called Kings Highway Pizza. Very similiar pizza to KOP, thin and crispy and I like their sauce.

            Not far away is Forno's on Church Rd in Maple Shade. A little bit fancier pizza but usually very good. They are owned by the Lamberti group so their menu is an upgrade from the usual mom and pop pizza place.

            My Medford friends all swear that Riviera Pizza is the best in the area so give that a try as well.

          3. I know we're in the minority here in Medford, but we've never liked Riviera pizza. We've done sandwiches and cheesesteaks there -- but just never liked the pizza.

            Both having grown up in North Jersey, we're not thrilled with what we've come to think of as "Philly (or SJ) style" pizza -- a softer, doughier pie usually. I do think that pizza preferences have a LOT to do with the kind of pizza you grew up with, and especially where you grew up.

            We like pizza from Tarentella's on Rte 70 in Medford though.

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              Thank goodness - it wasn't just us! I agree with you - after enjoying Chicago pizzas for 20 years - it's hard to enjoy a bland pizza.

            2. Was Sal and Joe's in Moorestown one of the "crappy" places you tried? If not, give it a shot because it's our favorite. If you're looking for thin crust, though, it's not. Probably the best mushroom pie I've ever had...sausage is good, though I am curious about King of Pizza now.

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                The pizza at Sal and Joe's in Moorestown was average but the rest of their entrees are pretty good.