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May 14, 2010 10:16 AM

Santa Maria

Having our wedding at a ranch in Malibu in late August and really struggling to find someone/some place to bring the oak wood & tri-tip for on-site cooking. Really just want basic, well-cooked, authentic Santa Maria (tri-tip, chicken, beans, etc.). I know Santa Maria BBQ Co. in Culver City caters, but haven't been blown away by the quality of their meats.

Has anyone tried Auntie Em's BBQ? Is there a place in Santa Maria itself that will make the trip south?

Any suggestions would be great.

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  1. You should check with Big Mista BBQ. You can taste them at a few local farmer markets including El Segundo on Thursdays. It's really really good and they do cater. Their brisket is incredible.

    1. Big Mista is a bbq rockstar but probably not the go-to guy for traditional santa maria style tri-tip.

      Wish I could give you a name for the following but a lead is all I got. Down at the horsetrack in Del Mar there is a tri-tip crew that comes in and does the whole thing on an open wood-fire bbq wagon kind of deal. Very tasty and aesthetically, a nice fit with a Malibu ranch wedding. Anybody out there know their name?

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        Pure Joy out of Santa Barbara may make the trip down.

        It's worth a call.

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          You can call their events dept and they will probably give you the name of the caterer. I used to work in that dept at Santa Anita and we had a caterer that specialized in Sta Maria 'Q, but I cannot recall their name, and they are currently off season.

          Call wherever the horses are running now, Del Mar doesn't usually start until July. Call Hollywood Park, I think that's where they are running right now.

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          1. Try out Notley Que-amazing amazing amazing BBQ, based out of San Diego but caters all over.

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