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May 14, 2010 09:11 AM

Help me vary my granola recipe?

I like my basic granola recipe, but am interested in suggestions on ways to vary it, since I've been making it for a while and am about to make a large quantity in preparation for maternity leave.

Currently, I bake/toast oats w/ a very small amount of brown sugar/molasses/honey, a little oil, and enough water or juice to let me mix it all together. I usually use a touch of vanilla, cinnamon, and sometimes cardamom, along with nuts (usually almonds), and sometimes some filler in the form of wheat germ, oat bran, etc. I then add dried or fresh fruit at serving.

Any interesting ideas on ways to vary the flavors a bit? I do so already with the fruit and sometimes by varying the nuts, but I'm interested in others' favorite additions or other ways to switch it up.


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  1. Dunno if your nuts are already salted, but even if they are I would consider adding a bit of sea salt. I find some salt balances out the sweetness of the granola. Also consider nutmeg.

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      Oops--yes, I include a bit of salt with the other spices. Haven't tried nutmeg yet, though.

      1. re: sholli

        Well, ok, then ... could also try some toasted sesame seeds along with nori flakes.


        1. re: ipsedixit

          I just thought of another ingredient ... crush potato chips.

    2. When I make granola with almonds I often add almond extract instead of vanilla. The almond flavor really comes through. I also have had success using canned pumpkin added to the wet stuff. This is especially good with pecans and cranberries and maple syrup. I have also used apple cider, apple juice or cranberry juice. All are good and give a different flavor.

      1. I like maple syrup for adding sweetness and flavor. Maple and orange juice is a good combo. I like to add sunflower seeds along with the nuts.

          1. I put a little cinnamon in my last bach of granola. I always like the dried granolas and the ground flax. Nutmeg and salt sound like good additions.