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May 14, 2010 08:11 AM

Red pepper pesto

Cibo Naturals/Monterey makes a red pepper pesto that I'm addicted to. It's pretty healthy for pesto (70 kcal per 1/4 cup) so I apply it with great prejudice. Unfortunately, it's $5 for 6 oz (3 servings).

I'd like to try to make my own. I notice theirs is pretty much roasted red pepper, parmesan, olive oil, vinegar and basil (no pine nuts, which makes me happy, as I'm being very cautious after 2 months of pine mouth last year).

Anyways, does anyone have a favorite recipe for this stuff?

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  1. I have the recipe of tomatoes pesto but It's not pretty healthy :)
    I write the recipe anyway:

    Sicilian pesto
    ...with almonds, pine nuts, walnuts and just enough fresh tomatoes to tint the sauce.

    Ingredients: 6 ripe red San Marzano tomatoes - two tablespoons of blanched almonds - two tablespoons of walnuts - two tablespoons of pine nuts - 10 leaves of basil - 1 clove of garlic - extra-virgin olive oil - salt, to taste.

    You do need a pestle and a mortar – your food processor will work, but it will never be quite the same.
    Rinse the tomatoes and a few at a time plunge them into the boiling water for a minute, then in cold water. Remove skin and most of the seeds, cut into pieces and place in a bowl. With the help of a fork mash the tomato to the consistency of a mush
    Using a mortar and pestle, crush and blend the almonds, walnuts and pinenuts. Then add Add the other ingredients except the tomatoes. Finally add crushed tomato and blend well. Alternately use an electric blender, in which case the oil should be added at the beginning.
    Bring a large saucepan of salted water to the boil. Add the bavette and cook briskly until 'al dente'. Drain the pasta and toss in a serving bowl together with the pesto until the latter is evenly distributed. Serve at once.

    Serve also on top of roasted or grilled fish, on boiled potatoes, on bruschetta or for any use you can adapt this delicious and refreshing sauce.

    Picture here:

    1. Here is the ingredient list from the label:

      Cibo Naturals Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto
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      Made by
      Cibo Naturals show contact info
      Organic Sun-Dried Tomatoes (Organically Grown and Processed in accordance with California Organic Foods Act of 1990 and/or Oregon Tilth and/or Quality Assurance International)Non-GMO Canola Oil (No Genetically Modified Organisms)Walnuts, Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (No Genetically Modified Organisms)Roasted Red Peppers (Roasted Red Peppers, Water, Salt & Citric Acid)Fresh Garlic, Rice Vinegar, Salt, Rosemary and Black Pepper.