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May 14, 2010 08:09 AM


I've heard quite a few good things with regard to Ngon, with most saying it's some of the best in the Twin Cities.
Looking at their menu, I'm left wondering as to the best of what?
I get the local/seasonal aspect of it--that's a definitive plus.
However, more specifically, are most people enchanted with their higher end dinner entrees (elk medallions, and so forth)?
Or is this the type of place that gets the traditional dishes spot-on (e.g., their lower-priced pho, bun, et al...)?

With limited dining funds--always good to be armed with the proper knowledge.


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  1. I like the entrees (both the traditional and not-so-traditional), but for me, the appetizers have been the highlight of each visit. A few favorite appetizers were the sweet potato and shrimp croquettes and the rabbit dumplings. I also loved the shrimp spring rolls.

    1. You really can't go wrong with anything at Ngon. We ate there last Saturday and while my steak au poivre was delicious, the elk medallions my husband had were out of this world. Truly phenomenal. We also had the sweet potato and shrimp croquettes and the rabbit dumpling which were excellent too. And on previous occasions we've had pho and com tam - also yummy. I can honestly say we've never had anything bad there. Oh and my husband absolutely LOVES their beer selection.

      1. The Bun is awesome. It is the best Bun in town. It is fresher and with a lot more green than the traditional Bun around town. The meat is of much higher quality, but all the beautiful tastes of Bun are still there. Highly recommended.

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          I will admit that I've not had bun anywhere else in town (when I go to Saigon, etc. I always get pho) but I looooooove the bun at Ngon! Like churchka says, lots of greens- the freshness really comes in. I usually get the pork or the ribeye.

          I also often get the ravioli- sweet potato/squash. That was my winter stand-by at Ngon.