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May 14, 2010 06:56 AM

Top 5 Singapore Restaurants.

I've been reading through various posts on this board and there is such a wealth of information. I was wondering if its possible to narrow down the choices for restaurants for a first time visitor to Singapore.
Is it possible to list (to your own taste) your top 5 places to have dinner or lunch (can you specifiy its cuisine type).
I would like to try as much as I could but preferably local cuisine, as I can get most western fayre in Scotland!
Thanks folks.

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  1. My personal fave Asian spots:
    - Crystal Jade Palace, Ngee Ann City - Cantonese-Chinese, dimsum
    - Imperial Treasure, Great World City - Cantonese-Chinese, dim sum, seafood
    - Madras New Woodlands, Upper Dickson Road - Indian-vegetarian, South Indian breakfast
    - Guan Hoe Soon, Joo Chiat Place - Nyonya (Straits-Chinese cuisine
    - Hajjah Maimunah, Jalan Pisang - Malay-style cuisine, nasi Padang

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    1. re: klyeoh

      Hi Klyeoh,
      Are all those places in Singapore? If yes, will add them to my must try list.

      1. re: Soyabean

        Yes, of course. Singapore is a multi-racial country (74% Chinese, 13% Malays, 9% Indians), and our local cuisine reflects that. You'll find the Asian food here, especially, to be very different from what you'll get in the UK (I was in Scotland last Nov for a 2-week gourmet tour).

    2. My favorite is the Long Bar at Raffles. Great experience, friendly staff, great satay, cold Tiger beer, and you can feed the birds that fly in with the peanuts that are on your table. Clarke Key is another good stop. In addition, there are food courts all over the place and some are very good. Enjoy, Singapore is a 10.

      1. It's very hard to pin down 5 top restaurants in Singapore, as we have 3 main and very distinct ethnic cuisines (Chinese, Indian and Malay) plus Eurasian (Malacca/Portuguese influenced), Western and a large collection of hundreds of Japanese restaurants. Each category warrants their own top 5, if not top 10.

        But to cut a long story short and going back to what you want, my personal Top 5 in Singapore would be:-
        1. Crystal Jade Golden Palace in Paragon, which is Chinese-Chaozhou
        2. Imperial Treasure Seafood in Great World City for dimsum and Cantonese food
        3. Rang Mahal in Pan-Pacific Hotel for Indian fine dining
        4. Crystal Jade Palace in Ngee Ann City for Cantonese dimsum
        5. Lei Garden in Chijmes for Cantonese dimsum and seafood

        You did say that you're not looking for Western food, right? Else, I'd have mentioned Les Amis, Jaan par Andre, Garibaldi, etc.