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May 14, 2010 06:42 AM

Gertrude's vs. Mr. Rain's Funhouse

Hello Baltimore Chowhounds --

I am a Philly Chowhound meeting a friend from DC for lunch in Baltimore. I thought it would be nice to eat at one of the museums, because my friend and I could have an activity and a meal together. Which do you recommend?


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  1. My sweetie and I just had lunch at Gertude's on Wednesday, and had a wonderful time. Its hard to beat a stroll through the sculpture garden on a nice day, then lunch. Cream of crab soup and orange zest infused hush puppies were our favorite nibbles.

    1. I love them both- you can't go wrong. But, on a nice date, you really can't beat sitting outside at Gertrudes and enjoying the sculpture garden (by the way, if you opt for Gertrudes, definitely reserve a table if you want to be outside. My friend and I were there a couple of weeks ago, and the outside was so popular that only people with reservations could be seted there). One thing that may help you decide are your tastes-- Gertrudes tends to have more "traditional" soups and sandwiches, while Mr. Rains is definitely more inventive. Have fun!

      1. I think you should pick which museum you would enjoy more. I've never been to Mr. Rain's, but I've also really never been wowed by Gertrude's, though I've found it perfectly pleasant. If you're into a traditional art museum, do Gertrude's and the BMA--but the AVAM is not really something to be missed!

        1. We ended up at Gertrude's, which was lovely. The food wasn't particularly inventive or spectacular, but it was good. The atmosphere and service were outstanding. Thanks!