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May 14, 2010 06:16 AM

Saigon Flavors, Oviedo

I've been seeing the "Opening Soon" sign for months at Saigon Flavors, a new Vietnamese restaurant, located on Aloma Avenue, right near the 417. It finally opened last week! I am so happy to have a Vietnamese restaurant on my side of town. The REALLY great news is that Saigon Flavors is owned by Charlie, former owner of Viet Garden (which has always been my favorite!)

The food was great! The summer rolls with shrimp and pork seemed identical to Viet Garden's summer rolls. The summer rolls with chicken were AWESOME! I also ordered the rice vermicelli with grilled pork, and it was fresh and delicious! The decor is much more modern than the Viet Town restaurants, with a nice bar and good wine selection. Service was great! And I was happy to see that the place was packed. I've already been back for take-out.

So happy to not have to drive over to 50/Mills anymore for great Vietnamese food!

-Saigon Flavors, 3573 Aloma Avenue, Oviedo, FL,

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  1. omg new lunch spot thanks britter! glad it was to your liking ;)

    1. We just tried Saigon Flavors last night. Charlie and Lee are amazing, and so is the food and service. We had the beef wrapped in grape leaves for an appetizer along with summer rolls. Both were awesome, and the peanut sauce with the summer rolls is some of the best I've had. The beef stuffed grape leaves were new to me as a Vietnamese dish, they are grilled and the balance of flavors is perfect. All 5 rolls were gone in under 5 minutes. For entrees we had the yellow noodle & seafood soup, rice vermicelli with spring rolls, and crispy noodle combo. Everything was great, and Lee coached us on how to use the condiments in the traditional manner -- none of the Vietnamese places I've been to before have offered to do that.

      We will definitely be going back, it's great to have a Vietnamese place near home.

      1. the owner Charlie actually used to own Viet Garden downtown Orlando but has since sold it, and opened Saigon Flavors to bring Vietnamese food out further pass down town. I think hes doing a decent job! hopefully, it will remain consistent.

        1. WONDERFUL...and THANK YOU Charlie for adding your restaurant to my side of town :) I ordered the summer rolls and they were FABULOUS!! I spoke with Charlie for a few minutes and he served me a complimentary summer roll while I was waiting for my order (at the well planned bar) soon as it arrived in front of me I knew the days of driving to Mills & 50 were OVER. The decor is GORGEOUS and service is impeccable!! A must for the Vietnamese food lover!! A++++++++