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May 13, 2010 07:52 PM

LOW cost to HIGH quality RATIO restaurants

Rather than clog up the recent honeymoon thread, I thought we could talk about some of the places in Japan that better cost to quality ratios.

I'll start with a Chinese place in Akasaka called Fu Chin (as far as I recall). I'll get the actual name and address when I get home.
It's extraordinarily cheap, maybe even China Quick or McDonalds cheap BUT the flavors are actually quite good (for the cost) and the staff is very friendly. They also have the best hot sauce condiment I've found in any restaurant, perfect on fried rice or in ramen or on top of gyoza, etc..

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  1. It is never a problem to find something great to eat on the top end in Tokyo at least, but if you throw out ramen, it is nearly impossible to find something really good and really cheap, say 1,000 yen or under. I'm drawing a complete blank. I used to know a place called Taigaen in Shibuya that served the the best gyoza in the entire world and they were only 500, the owner died suddenly and that was that.

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      Depends on the time of day. Maybe harder in the evening, but very easy for lunch.

      For v v v cheap and relatively decent Chinese, the old Cafe 8 is always a good pit stop.

    2. 赤坂ふーちん福清 is the name of the place. It's far cheaper than Cafe 8

      1. uosan in monzennakacho is a cheap and cheerful izakaya option.

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          Actually I think Daruma, also in Monzennakacho, is more fun. But no fish.

          For some reason the other posts made me think of Ichiryu in Akasaka for late-night Korean white soup and chap che

          and then Kameido Gyoza

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            err, what's fun about 'no fish', H-nashi-san?

        2. there's a kaiseki place in Akasaka called Kaisuian, a very small shop , but very very good and usually their seasonal course is 5000 which for kaiseki I find to be very affordable:

          However be warned, need to book in advance and not english-speaking...