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May 13, 2010 07:06 PM

Good eats in Reno? Anyone know places to go for foodies? I know it's Reno!

Ok So I am going on a birthday jaunt and would like to know a great place to go to eat for my friends bday!

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  1. if you back out of the sfbay area board, and go to the 'california' (as in other california) board, and put "reno" in the search box, there are lots of suggestions. you will need to put quotes around the word reno, otherwise you'll get threads that have RENOvation in them.
    i've dined at the basque place on east 6th, really good lamb. they serve family style, with a set menu each night. sorry i dont remember the name. also there is a nice german place with music and dancing, again, sorry i dont remember the name. for a tasty lunch (definitely not fine dining) there is awful arthurs in the nugget, across the street from the silver legacy. tasty burgers and fries, large portions, cheap, but smoky atmosphere. i'm sure the links under 'reno' will suggest many more.

    1. Here is one our newest openings, that in my opinion is doing a great job and the food is exceptional. It would be 775 Gastropub located at the Meadowood Mall in central Reno. It has a wide selection of beers, over 150, and quite a wine selection. The food varies from gourmet burgers to lamb chops to whole grill stripped bass. Its a pub setting with a large bar area and casual to elegent dining area. I have had the small plate lamb chop and the Reno Burger. The burger was the BEST burger I have ever had. House ground meat, actually cooked the way I ordered, along with saute mushrooms, grill onions and cheese. The prices are reasonable for each entree, ranging from $11 burgers to $26 for a whole stripped bass...that I gotta see! They have only been open a week or so, but they seem to be working out the kinks.

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      1. Fifth Street Bakehouse is new and offers high quality food. West Fifth Street at Keystone Avenue.
        El Tumi is a nice Peruvian restaurant on Moana Lane near Kietzke. Search the board for reviews and pictures.
        Santa Fe Hotel on Lake Street behind Harrah's offers some nice tapas at the bar. Nothing more than $5 a plate. Some of it is not traditional tapas.
        Reno is king of all-you-can-eat sushi. My favorite place is Hiroba on SKyline. It's popular and busy during normal eating times.
        Most of the Thai restaurants are pretty good. Right now my two favorite are Bangkok Cuisine on Mount Rose Street (not the Mount Rose Highway) and Thai Chile on South Virginia Street.
        Sezmu, also on Mount Rose Street, and Fourth Street Bistro are also good choices.

        Santa Fe Hotel
        235 Lake St, Reno, NV 89501

        Sezmu Restaurant
        670 Mount Rose St, Reno, NV 89509

        Bangkok Cuisine
        55 Mount Rose St, Reno, NV 89509

        1. Please define "I know it's Reno! ". Nothing against the recommendations so far, but besides Sezmu, they seem a bit casual for a birthday celebration. What do you want to spend? Recently had a fantastic meal at Washoe. How about LuLous? And, never heard of Awful Arthurs, but the Nugget serves the Awful Awful.

          Sezmu Restaurant
          670 Mount Rose St, Reno, NV 89509

          1. Since so many Californians now live in Reno, there are quite a few good restaurants! (and I am a Northern Cali foodie) Here are a few for you to "investigate":
            1) Sezmu
            2) 4th St. Bistro
            3) Zagol Ethiopian Restaurant
            4) Cafe de Thai
            5) La Famiglia
            6) LuLou's
            7) 275 Hill
            8) La Vecchia
            9) The Chocolate Bar
            10) The Stone House Cafe

            There! Now you have 10 choices to explore!

            Sezmu Restaurant
            670 Mount Rose St, Reno, NV 89509

            Stone House Cafe
            1907 S Arlington Ave, Reno, NV 89509

            855 E 4th St Ste H, Reno, NV 89512

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              Yes! As mentioned in some of the above threads 5th St. Bakehouse is a new place to try out in Northwest Reno close to downtown. It is located at 953 W. 5th St. and offers breakfast and lunch sandwiches all on their freshly baked breads. They also just started offering a breakfast burrito made out of their flatbread with homemade chorizo. It's a great local bakery too!