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May 13, 2010 06:51 PM

Meyer Lemon Ice Cream

I was given more Meyer lemons recently and would like to make them into ice cream. In the past, my default recipe is for a Shaker Meyer Lemon Pie which gets crazy good reviews, but I've also got Meyer Limoncello steeping and have made curd and sauces... I did once try to make ice cream with them but had the ratios wrong and didn't like it (others did, though.) I was thinking of trying again but would like to pair the lemons with another fruit or flavor. I've seen recipes for Meyer Lemon Cardamom Ice Cream, but I made a Meyer Lemon Cardamom pie once, so it seems redundant. Could I do caramel? How about a berry, or would the berry overpower it? Chocolate? Something funky like yogurt? Thanks!

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  1. Blueberries are often paired with lemon in baked goods; should work in ice cream. Or could use pineapple with the lemons, or combo of citrus in the ice cream. Another possibility would be lemon and orange blossom honey, maybe with some almonds.

    1. I would make a sorbet instead. Lemon sorbet (or sorbetto di limone, commonly served in restaurants in Italy) is simply divine.

      1. I make meyer lemon & rosemary butter cookies that are divine, if I may say so myself. I had a sweet basil icecream once with a polenta cake that was amazing! I would incorporate some fresh basil or rosemary into the mix. I love herbs used in sweets - unexpected and surprisingly delicious.

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          Recipe for the meyer lemon and rosemary butter cookies, please!

          1. re: thehungrybunny

            Gladly! Adjust the rosemary as you like - you might want to bump it up a bit if you're a rosemary fan. Enjoy!


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              Ooh, those are gorgeous!!! I'm going to adapt them to gluten free.

              Thank you so much. I've been looking for a sophisticated little sweet to take to an event soon. These are perfect!

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                Oooh, Vetter, you're onto something. I'll bet a meyer lemon & rosemary cornmeal cookie would be lovely (or call it a polenta cookie - ha). Let us know how you adaptation works out and then I'll give it a try too. Yum!

          2. re: lynnlato

            I second the lemon and basil or rosemary combo!

          3. You could do a Meyer lemon and buttermilk sorbet. Mmm.

            I love making lemon ice cream, and I'll share my technique, which has gotten me some looks before. Instead of zesting the lemons, I literally put all the sugar I'm using in a big bowl and I take the time to rub the sugar into the lemons. Again and again and again. I'm done when the sugar is actually yellow and fragrant. I swear up and down the flavor is better than throwing chopped zest into the custard, even if you infuse the custard in the fridge overnight.

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              wow--never realized one could do that. Thanks for the tip, as I make lemon ice cream a couple of times a year.

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                Vetter - that is a great tip. Many thanks. I adore lemon ice cream!

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                My sister is a huge lemon ice cream fan. I just got her a cuisinart ice cream maker and she is already a woman obsessed. I'm going to pass this tip along to her. How long do you rub the sugar and lemons?

              3. i was less creative than possible and basically made Meyer Lemon sherbet, adapting Alton Brown's orange sherbet recipe (which is amazing, by the way.) It turned out deelish. next up will be grapefruit champagne sorbet. i'm really going overboard with citrus these days.

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                  I have a Meyer lemon tree. Y'all be nice, and come October, I might give you one.