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May 13, 2010 06:19 PM

Broccoli sprouts in Montreal

I know this might seem like an odd request but I was wondering if anyone has a source for broc spouts in town. They're supposed to be a "super food", and being middle aged and somewhat toxic I'm always into the anti-oxidant game.
Are these available anywhere in Montreal, and what's the price if they are?

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  1. I highly recommend that you sprout them yourself. It is super simple and much much cheaper than buying them (in the refrigerated section of most health-food stores & some well-stocked supermarkets).

    I bought some broccoli seeds called BioSnacky at the health food store (many have them, just ask). They come in a little packet, exactly like seedlings for planting in the garden. You can grow your sprouts in any large-ish Mason jar or used glass jar that has a good-sized opening for drainage. You can fit a screen or some cheesecloth (the finer your screen the finer the seed to avoid losing them down the drain.

    Simply soak the seeds (4-6hrs), drain well & repeat that a few times a day until they start resembling little plants. The only thing that requires any effort is the actual rinsing/draining.

    I bought a sprouting jar that is just a big Mason jar with 3 different plastic draining screw-on lids. I bought in in Burlington VT but have seen them here (just at 3x the price...). I tell you it sounds uber-granola but once you start you'll love your little sprouts. Look online (just search "sprouting") for ideas and various varieties.

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      Thanks. I actually saw a sprouting kit in Chapters of all places today and almost bought it. I think I'll probably go that way, it sounds easy and you know where what you're eating comes from. Cheaper in the long run too, no doubt.

    2. I bought a three-tray biosnacky sprout growing system (around $30) (mason jar style system also available) at the Rachel-Bery store on st-laurent. at villeneuve. Bought mumms seeds at the same time (3-4$) but went to mumms online to get 1 pound bags (I forget the price but per-batch is cheap) once I decided this experiment had worked out successfully. Now I enjoy fresh sprouts with sandwiches and salads all the time.

      I was disgusted by the condition of sprouts in the grocery store - usually way past their prime, mushy, really gross. So I was really happy to get to have fresh high quality sprouts available at home. The three-tray system allows you to start a new batch every couple of days so you always have some ready to eat and some in the start and middle of growing, since it can take 3-5 days to grow a batch.

      Something I also like is sprouted chick peas, they are ready in a couple of days max (don't over grow these) and are super crunchy.

      1. There's also a sprouting supply store on the south side of Duluth, between St. laurent and St. Denis. They seem to deal with "micro" sprouting supplies (apparently even healthier - ???). I haven't tried that - has anyone? Would like to hear about their experiences.

        I found broccoli sprouting seeds in that bulk food health food store on St. Laurent which is near Duluth. They didn't sprout as well as the Mumms seeds, however. But maybe my fault, hard to say. I use the 3-tiered biosnacky, bought at the Rachel-Bery store.

        I really like the Mumms seeds blend with lentils. It doesn't have broccoli in it, though. I tried sprouting mung beans, but it didn't work out on the biosnacky tray. The tray seems to work better for the smaller seed types. The larger seeds, I've been told, are better off in a hemp sprouting bag.

        1. Just bought some at Rocky Montana on Sherbrooke -it's the company that makes all the other sprouts so im' sure you can now find them all around. 1.99 for a little container.

          1. I had to do a google search to find out what they are. From the images, It looks like alfafa sprouts, in french we sometimes refer it to the general term "luzerne".

            Don't know where to get the broccoli sprouts, but the alfafa is pretty common. And for growing kits, i'd go to a gardening store rather then Chapters. I've seen the kit at Botanix in Laval and even Canadian Tire (again, the one in Laval/Ste-Dorothée)