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May 13, 2010 03:48 PM

Crepe Truck

Around 100th & Broadway in Manhattan, spotted a new kosher food truck specializing in crepes. That the truck was a block or so from the late La Creperie is no accident; one of the fellows who was in the kitchen there is behind what they call Green Taste NY (or something like that).

You will be able to follow their truck on their website. Can't find the URL at the moment but perhaps Zach or Laibel will be stopping by at this space to give us the arba-achat-achat about their plans.

I picked up a crepe with sauteed vegetables. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that crepes do work as street food!

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  1. yes, please post the name of the truck and the website. I am eager to try was the crepe? Even though it was just a truck, did it look clean? Did the people at the truck seem kempt and tidy, and had gloves on?
    Was it expensive?

    1. I just ate there for lunch! The guys doing the cooking were really nice and very fast. I also got the savory crepe and it was yummy. The truck is supposed to be very healthy, with limited oil, etc. and it looked really clean. They had samples out for their soup and it was delicious as well, so I can't wait to try the rest of their food! They have a falafel recipe in the works, so hopefully they will have that, as well as a menu, soon. The food was also really well priced. A huge crepe with side salad for $4.95. The website is supposed to be (I think that's what it says on the side of the truck) but I can't find it anywhere online.

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        Passed by this truck at 48th and 6th this morning. The website was listed as but it doesn't seem to be up yet.

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          thanks for your review! You are making me want to go there so badly!