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May 13, 2010 03:09 PM

Lookin' to do a little foodie field trip

A couple of friends and I are looking to hit a neighborhood in the outer boroughs and get out of the bubble that is Manhattan. We have done Brooklyn Heights and Arthur Avenue. Can be in any borough (accessible by subway is ideal though). Any suggestions for a neighborhood and suggestions of where to go in that neighborhood? We don't want any asian cuisine.


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  1. Liberty ave in richmond hill. roosevelt ave in corona. steinway in astoria. ave U in sheepshead bay.

    1. Hi offthebeatenpath1,

      When you say you don't want any Asian cuisine, do you also mean you're not interested in Indian/Bangladeshi/Pakistani, etc.?

      I'm asking since when a lot of folks say Asian cuisines, they're often referring only to Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Thai, Filipino, Cambodian, Laotian and Indonesian cuisines and excluding the cuisines of the Indian subcontinent and parts west that are still part of Asia.

      If you would be interested in foods of the Indian subcontinent, then I recommend hopping on the 7 train and checking out Jackson Heights (74th Street and also 37th Avenue). As a bonus, you'll also have easy access to lots of Latino food in that area (Mexican, Salvadoran, Argentiniean, etc.).

      Happy exploring wherever you go!


      Glendale is hungry...

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        Thanks Glendale, but Indian is not something we would be interested in. Looking for European or South American cuisine.


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          sunnyside, north and south of Queens blvd. Southof QB has tons of south american bakeries and markets, De Mole, and north of QB, eastern-european, romanian, armenian etc markets.

          De Mole
          45-02 48th Ave, Queens, NY 11377

      2. Astoria (Greek, Balkan, Brazilian)
        Brighton Beach (Russian)
        Greenpoint (Polish)
        Bensonhurst (Italian)
        Sunset Park (Mexican)
        Elmhurst/Corona/Jackson Heights (Mexican, South American)
        Rego Park (Uzbeki Kosher--not sure if this fall into your no-asian ban)
        Carroll Gardens/Red Hook (Italian)

        Too many places in each of these to post about. I think it would be easier if you pick a cuisine or a neighborhood and then people can tell you where to go.
        Crown Heights (Carribean)

        1. the greenwood heights crawl:

          fried burger and pilsner // korzo
          greenwood cooler // quarter
          faro risotto and an abbey ale // lot2
          spinach pecorino pizza and an ipa // toby's
          aperitivo at the bar // bar toto
          grill cheese w/ krinkle chips, shot and a beer // south
          raw oysters, chicken liver pate and a saison dupont // sidecar
          cappuccino // southside coffee
          oatmeal, wifi, beards and a stumptown // roots

          R to prospect ave

          1. A Smith Street crawl should do you for. Very good Italian and American restaurants, plus good bars. F to Carroll or Bergen.