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May 13, 2010 02:45 PM

Help Needed-Fish Tacos Hwy 1

MANY years ago I was watching a PBS show about California. If I am remembering this correctly it was a Taco stand on Hwy 1 that has live bands in its parking lot on Sundays. I think it was run by a man & his daughter. Very small shop. Possibly a taco truck. I have always wanted to go there but could never find out where it was. Does anyone out there know what place I may be talking about. If so where is it and is it still open?

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  1. any idea what part of the state? nothing like that in our area, the "central" coast--Santa Barbara to San Simeon--that I'm aware of.

    What kind of program was it? A travellogue? by a tall fellow with a southern drawl? if so, that might have been California's Gold hosted by Huell Howser. You might be able to research it from there, if that's the case.

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      Another possibility for the show is Doug McConnell's new show 'Open Road' that airs on PBS stations all over the state. His previous show 'Bay Area Backroads' was cancelled by KRON after a long run. BTW he's a very nice guy and answers e-mails personally.

      Please check back!

      1. Excellent Fish Tacos here, piping hot, fresh fish.
        You may be lucky and hit a day when the Tacos are $ 2 each.
        I could eat 3 for a filling meal.

        Giovanni's Fish Market
        1001 Front St, Morro Bay, CA 93442

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