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May 13, 2010 02:24 PM

Sweet, sweet cherries

Cherries are in San Diego farmer's markets! I've already eaten a couple pounds over the last week and have a belly ache.

Does anyone else gorge on this delicious fruit during its too-short season? Or any other fruits?

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  1. My goal every summer is to eat as many cherries as I possibly can. When I was pregnant, I ate about 3 pounds just before a doctor's appointment and they were surprised at the quick weight gain (went back to normal the following week). So, yes I've overindulged.

    1. Of course, summer cherries are delightful just in the hand.

      But when I see cherries, I look longingly at my cherry-pitter, hanging from its hook, and think about Black Forest Cake -- with extra boozy cherries, of course!

      1. I'm with you and Chowser- there's nothing I like more than a nice big fat cherry or 200, raw, so as to take advantage of the seasonal wonderfulness. My favorite cocktail is a glass of tequila with a bunch of pitted ripe cherries thrown in, warmed a little in the microwave to convince the cherries to give up some color and juice. I usually drink way too much of it, but boy is it good.
        I just keep on buying and eating cherries until the season is over. I love mangoes, especially the chapagne mangoes almost as much, but cherries take a heck of a lot less preparation, and a mango seed-spitting contest is just gross. ;-)

        1. i eat cherries like nobody's business. cherries and grapes are by far my most favorite fruits...shame that cherries are in season for such a short period.

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