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May 13, 2010 01:47 PM

Salmon Run Fish House Lee, MA?

Will be in Lee this weekend.....comments please

Salmon Run Fish House
78 Main St, Lee, MA 01238

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  1. They are not spectacular but they are quite consistently good. All the times I've been there I've never had anything but really fresh seafood. It is no Le Bernardin but they do a very good job.

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      Le Bernardin has moved to Lee!!!!! Would you rec another place for seafood?

    2. Totally agree - Very good, fresh, friendly, and reliable...and so reasonable. I like their lobster salad in addition to the fresh fish.

      1. We have lunch there whenever we come up from CT to go to the outlets. If you're going for lunch look on the back of the menu for luncheon prices (ca $10 for many seafood items.). I love fried oysters and have always gotten them there. Last time I was there, maybe a month ago, they had I think the best fried oysters I have ever had. They were small, more the size of a large clam, and very sweet. My wife and in-laws are fish lovers and are always pleased with the food as well. It's a nice comfortable place: old wood booths, metal ceiling. I always recommend it. I've posted on it before during fried clam discussions.

        Salmon Run Fish House
        78 Main St, Lee, MA 01238

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          thanks june thought i had read your post before but couldn't find it......oysters are my favorite any style...thanks for the rec

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            Here's the regular menu. They don't show the back page, but there, lunch items, including the fried oysters, are $10. Below are coupons.



            Btw, I'm Henry but I think I like your name better!

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              thanks cook for june got it

        2. Agree with consensus. Not as good as the best of the cape or other places closer to the shore but solid and probably the best of the Berkshires for casual seafood. Pleasant place with friendly service, they have takeout too if you need it.