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May 13, 2010 01:17 PM

stinky tofu purveyor

anyone know where I can get "raw" stinky tofu so I can fry/grill/braise myself at home? I know, I'm asking for punishment but I wanna try to make it! I figure the boroughs of the outer would have a good chance

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  1. Maybe the rather lihai lady at Gu Shine would sell you some raw. It was more whiffy than highly flavored when I had it there.

    1. supposedly red chopsticks has the best version in flushing...ive never had a good version in NY, but thats what some people have told me

      but i agree with buttertart, you're best probably trying to ask one of the restaurant vendors where they get theirs

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      1. re: Lau

        big jeff
        good luck in your quest. i'm glad i am not your next door neighbor right now-- that stuff reeks so bad that it qualifies for DEP regulation : D

        1. re: vicki_vale

          you are kind of a pioneer, i dont think ive ever heard of anyone cooking it in their house

          1. re: Lau

            Yeah even in Taiwan it's a (or used to be) street food, Ching Yeh and Mei Hwa restaurants didn't have it on their menus.

      2. Hell, some stand in the Golden mall downstairs has to have the stuff. It hits ya as you stroll down the stairs

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        1. re: MOREKASHA

          yah there is a taiwanese stall there now

          1. re: MOREKASHA

            it's the stall directly in front of you as you go down the stairs.