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May 13, 2010 12:50 PM

Constructing a pairing menu around ... drumroll ...

Malt liquor. No snide jokes about getting crunk, please. Looking for a legit three- or four-course menu. What foods would y'all consider pairing it with?

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  1. My mom makes a "hard sauce", which is more like a frosting containing any dark liquor, just a couple of tablespoons. I particularly like it with some lemon extract and peel.

    You mix up 1/2 cup room temperature butter with two cups powdered sugar, then add the extract and liquor, or any other flavorings, and chill.

    1. Are you trying to chic it up or just stay down and dirty?

      My husband said anything American and the faster the better. First foods that came to mind for him were hot wings, pizza and Slim Jims

      1. I was thinking fried chicken, pork bbq, seafood boil, chili, venison, beer & cheddar soup, bratwurst or keilbasa

        1. How about pork tenderloin rubbed with Chipotle in Adobo? Malt liquor would need to be paired with some strong flavors.

          1. Whenever you pair beer with food, the intensity of the beer should match the intensity of the food you intend to serve. Lighter beers favor mild cheeses, sharper flavored beers favor cheeses with a little bit to combine with the bitterness of the beer. Malts often pair well with foods that are rich and if the beer has a relatively high alcohol content , hot and spicy dishes should pair well.
            A rich chocolate dessert would be perfect.