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May 13, 2010 12:36 PM

Mozza - Desserts

I am finally going to Pizzeria Mozza in a few weeks and I want to know if there are specific desserts I should look out for. The butterscotch pudding doesn't appeal to me very much since I had one in SF at Town Hall and it was too rich after 2 bites. Anything I should look out for in the dessert menu?

Pizzeria Mozza
641 N. Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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  1. Mari: You should not miss the butterscotch pudding! I do NOT like butterscotch, but i like this. The sea salt cuts the sweetness. Any flavor of gelato - it is homemade and amazing. I like the peanutbutter.


    1. If they have the Meyer lemon tart I would suggest that. I don't think they will since we're not in Meyer lemon season but maybe they get some from Chile or there are extended growing seasons.

      I think you should try the budino as well - its not that rich actually and as yummy said the sea salt cuts into it very well. It's a well balanced dessert the creme fraiche adds a nice element of tang.

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        And don't forget the shortbread cookie with rosemary and pine nuts that accompanies the butterscotch budino

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          Thanks everyone. I definitely want to try the meyer lemon tart. What is the coppa with marshmallow fluff? Is that like an ice cream/gelato sundae with fluff and peanuts?

        2. The banana gelato is awesome, but it's not always available. A good mixture is vanilla, peanut butter and banana :)

          1. The ricotta cheesecake is a special, but very tasty.

            1. I agree with yummyinmytummy ... the butterscotch pudding (aka Budino) is great or get the espresso granite (if you're a fan of espresso and if they're serving it) which is equally unique and delicious!!