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May 13, 2010 12:24 PM

Churros in MTL

Where can I find Churros in Montreal?

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  1. There's a fairly new churros place on Somerled near Cavendish in NDG but I haven't tried it yet as my timing was off when I went in and it was going to be a little while before they made a new batch. It looks pretty promising, though - nice little menu with reasonable prices, a few tables, a grocery section, and friendly service. I had their homemade alfajores and another type of pastry and they were both good.

    A few mentions of this place and others in this thread:

    Churros in Montreal

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      I haven't tried them yet but they make them fresh outside of Tortellieria Maya at JTM.

    2. There's one in Marché Jean-Talon, on the north side, next to the Fromagerie Hamel.

      1. I get churros at Supermarché Andes at 436 Belanger. Every time I have been there they have been freshly made, and once the tray was whisked away before I could serve myself because they were no longer warm from the oven. I love their alfajores and the dedidos as well.

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          +1. these are soooo good, and always warm and fresh

        2. Churros Montreal on St. Hubert (7497), north of Castlenau. Fresh and airy churros. I think it's run by a Chilean family.

          Churros Montreal
          7497 Rue Saint-Hubert, Montreal, QC H2R2N5, CA

          1. Tried the Churros on Somerled. It was good, got the one filled with Caramel. Was only 1.25$. The only downside was that it wasnt fried in front of me, not sure if thats too much to ask or not cause Ive never really had a churro before outside a vacation resort. Definetley good though