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May 13, 2010 12:02 PM

Looking for a good food porn camera


I’m one of those folks that likes to take pictures of plates etc. when I go to a restaurant. I have read some of the articles and posts here and the big concern seems to be having a camera that can take a decent pic that doesn’t need a flash, so other diners are not disturbed. Makes sense to me.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good small camera to use for food porn shots?



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  1. (Good question, I hope it is not too non-foodie related, please moderator, keep this one alive)

    for a point'n'shoot, I'd get the Canon G11 (less "pixels" than the G10, but better pixels!), lumix lx3 (or leica D-Lux 4,same camera...)

    for a new "non-reflex" dSLR : Olympus PEN E-PL1, Sony NEX (new, probably not out yet), or any new "micro 4/3 camera).

    For a reflex dSLR : Pentax Kx with the da 40mm ltd (very small and very capable in low light situation).

    1. I use a Panasonic Lumix, which actually has a special setting just for taking natural-looking pictures of food! Mine is a model DMC-ZS3, but I think this is found on other of their models as well.

      1. I am looking at a Canon S90 to replace my old IXUS 800 which served me well. I like the idea that it can shoot in RAW and has you can set the white balance easily (which is useful for food).

        Does anyone have any experience of the S90 especially for food in restaurants?

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          I love the S90. It's the only compact camera I've ever had where I think the pictures look as good, if not better than, my memories of the subject. I don't shoot in RAW, so can't give you any useful input on that, but I do have pics that I took under low-light conditions, without a tripod:

          The ISO goes up to 3200, and it has good image stabilization, so if you're like me and like to discreetly take a quick shot without too much fiddling (don't want to let my food get cold, or annoy other patrons) it's a great option. If you're a more advanced photographer, there's probably a lot more you can do with it.

        2. I make my husband use his light on his cell phone, it's like he's my lighting guy! The first photo of Indian food is my husband lighting it for me, it is in a dark restaurant. I take photos of my food at home too! I also like to take pics of cocktails. My point and shoot camera is a Canon SD780. Love it. It is always in my purse.

          1. i use a simple Fuji (F31 to be precise) when i go out. some pics from last week taken with available light in a dim corner and with no light source above my table:

            at home i use my old Nikon D70s. some pics: