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Question for Langer's #19 fans

Do you have a second favorite sandwich at Langer's?

If there was no #19, what would you get instead?

I often find myself at Langer's with friends and not being a fan of the #19 (or any of their pastrami sandwiches for that matter), I'm wondering if there's something else equally worthwhile.

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  1. The Corned Beef!


    1. #44 - HOT PASTRAMI, Sauerkraut and Nippy Cheese Grilled on Rye.

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        Have to say - can't see why you'd want nippy (american) cheese on the pastrami reuben instead of swiss. Then again, many a purist would get after me for putting pastrami and reuben in the same sentence .

        I like the #44 better than the #19 myself - Langer's kraut is great whereas the slaw is not stellar.

        1. re: mrgreenbeenz

          If you ask they will make it with swiss.

          1. re: wienermobile

            I've had it with swiss and it is definitely worth getting if you're not a fan of the #19.

      2. #1. Same as #19, but no cheese.

        1. you know, last time i went i wanted to do the half pastrami with soup so i wouldn't eat so much yet i could not help myself from ordering the number 19. i've only had the #44 besides the 19 and the plain, but felt the sauerkraut took up too much flavor. i just can't resist the 19.
          my coworker got the steak sandwich and he didn't like it; my other coworker got the brisket french dip and he loved it.

          1. The No. 1 is my favorite. The additional piece of cheese on the No. 19 is too much gilding on that lily

            1. My mother loves their chopped chicken liver.

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                Second the chopped liver. I like it with the pastrami, of course, but for people who for some reason don't like the pastrami, the chopped liver should still be OK by itself. Also, start with a bowl of matzoh ball soup. I think Langers' broth is the best of the local delis.

              2. Does it have to be a sandwich? Have you had the corn beef hash? I also second the chopped liver.

                1. I like the #1. It's the #19 without the cheese. And I get a cream soda to go with it.

                  1. I love Langer’s pastrami so much that a single sandwich isn’t enough to placate my inner carnivore. I typically order the special platter of soft tender (with fat) hot pastrami. It’s served with chopped liver, Swiss cheese, French fries, baked beans, Cole slaw, tomato and pickle. I can gorge myself on pastrami and chopped liver and have enough to take home to make a killer-sized sandwich later.

                    Aside from the pastrami and chopped liver (try it opened-faced with chopped egg), I enjoy the hot tongue sandwich and the various combinations of whitefish, lox & cream cheese sandwiches.

                    Moving away from the sandwich scene, their grilled liver & onions, braised lamb shank and braised ox joints are all solid diversions. None of these, mind you, is a best-of-breed rendition.

                    Please note that when I do divert from the pastrami for in-house dining, I will virtually always order the special platter to go. Gotta have it, now or later, man!

                    Bon Appetit, ipse!

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                      I second the hot tongue sandwich. Didn't even know I liked tongue. Well cured, sliced thin and piled high, very tender. And when my DH ordered the #19 I got the best of both worlds!

                    2. I've always been very tempted to get the one with cream cheese....

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                      1. re: schrutefarms

                        I tried it once, and they put way too much cream cheese on there (for my tastes atleast).

                      2. Wow ipse, I'm flattened that you're not a fan of Langer's pastrami. I just popped my Langer's cherry - with my son no less (I know, embarrassing - I have no pride), and found their pastrami to be from the heavens. So we weren't so bad as Meg Ryan in the coffee shop scene from "When Harry Met Sally," but we were oohing and awing at how revelatory their pastrami was compared to all the far off also-rans. Anyway, I'm not passing judgment - just surprised...

                        The plain pastrami is beauty unadorned - just top notch style that needs nothing to gussy it up except maybe a touch of Gulden's. I'm thinking the sandwich equivalent of Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly. We also got the #19 - if you ever imagined Audrey or Grace in stilettos and a bustier, that's it.

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                        1. re: bulavinaka

                          I think my lack of infatuation with the No. 19 is more a character flaw on my part than anything having to do with Langer's.

                          Probably some sort of birth defect, I'm sure.

                          1. re: ipsedixit

                            I wish I had your birth defect - in fact a lot of us probably do!

                        2. I have several favorites besides the #19. I do like their steak sandwich, but I ask for their potato salad instead of the fries. If you want a REALLY BIG sandwich, order their triple decker club! I also like their French Dips and Reubens too!