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May 13, 2010 11:21 AM

Limani vs. Trata, a little Kalamaki, too

Love Limani, haven't been to Trata. Also, anything about Kalamaki (from the Trata folks)?

1043 Northern Boulevard, Roslyn, NY 11576

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  1. Kalamaki: I was there on Saturday before a movie at the clocktower and enjoyed my meal. Make no mistake though, this is not in the same ballpark as Trata/Limani. Kalamaki is a gyro joint. Two four tops and about twenty stools along a shelf of each wall, you order and pay at the counter, they bring the food to your table. Pork gyro was excellent, as good as it gets. The wife loved her salad, passed on the traditional Greek salad as it contained romaine, but loved the one she got. Spreads were good though they should offer more then three. Tzatziki was full of garlic, we passed on the hummus. The third spread was one I have not seen often, whipped feta and red pepper. Good not great, skordalia or taramosalata would have been nice.
    The only problem was the spanikopita. They offer three "pies", spinach, cheese and something else, My wife has ordered spanikopita every single time she has seen it on a menu. She loves to tell stories of the great spanikopita she had 20 years ago in Santorini. She is also not shy about voicing a complaint about food in a restaurant. Not that it matters in this case but she has found more foreign objects in her food then anyone I know. Anyway, she gets her spanikopita and hates it. Barely warm with an off taste. She marches up to the manager, tells him her complaint and points out that keeping the spanikopita at room temperature in a display case all day is not the best way to store and serve food. He looks at me and I say, "Welcome to Roslyn". He agrees with her but refuses to taste it to confirm her opinion. He then goes above and beyond. He calls Trata and tells them to bring over a fresh spanikopita, asap. Ten minutes later a young man in kitchen whites runs in the door with a plate covered bowl which the manager then places on our table and with a dramatic flourish, as if removing a cloche, reveals a warm tasty spanikopita. It looked completely different then the first one served at Kalamaki, it was delicious. Not bad service for a $3.50 item.
    Excellent for a tasty cheap and quick pre movie meal.