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May 13, 2010 10:18 AM

How to freeze dry at home?

My dog is putting us in the poorhouse with his absolute adoration of treats like freeze dried lamb lung, pigs' ears and the like.

So, I thought -- what about if we did it on our own?

Anyone have any experience freeze drying at home? I found some resources online, and it sounds fairly straightforward, but the instructions are generally for apples, potatoes and carrots. Anyone successfully freeze dry meat? How did it turn out? Was it breakable? Or just bendable? How long were you able to store it?

Many thanks!

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  1. I would think it would be pretty expensive. Freeze drying involves freezing something then putting it in a strong vacuum to evacuate all the water.

    You can then rehydrate at anytime.. It is what backpackers use.

    It would require a pump and a bell jar or some kind of chamber that can be sealed.

    Why don't you try dried treat?. You can use a dehydrator like they use for fruit or jerky.

    You could even use an oven at 200 degree F to dessicate food.

    I have heard that dogs go berserk for desiccated chicken livers or cow liver, sliced. I think trainers use them for training treats.