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May 13, 2010 09:11 AM

Any freshly made tamales in Staten Island?

My south-Texas wife is pining for the venison-laced tamales she used to get in Texas. So I was wondering if anyone knows of a source for good tamales (any filling OK) in Staten Island.

Taqueria Geovani (their name may have changed) does have some with chicken, but I'm open to more suggestions.

It seems to me that tamales are a sort of seasonal item, but I think we're in the season.

I might even travel to Brooklyn or Manhattan to get some.

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  1. Venison tamales? never even heard of tamales with venison filling, but they sound delicious. If anyone knows of some venison-filled ones, please do speak up.

    For regular tamales, there's Ricos and other places in sunset park, and surprisingly good, cheap, and large ones at the bagel place on the corner of smith & 9th street in carroll gardens. Both of these are brooklyn.

    I'd be surprised if the couple of mexican places in SI that Flaco has posted about don't carry tamales. They're a pretty standard item in mexican joints these days and don't seem to be very seasonal.

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      Though there are now a number of Mexican groceries and restaurants locally, availability of tamales is still somewhat sporadic. I stopped by a store with a sign "Verduras y Abarrotes" on Cebra Ave. and asked about tamales...they said they get fresh ones on Saturdays and Sundays, early morning, but usually get sold out by noon. So next weekend, that's going to be a stop!

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        the Best tamales in Staten Island and I think all NYC ...( I know bcs I see ppl coming from NJ) are the ones that Martha sells in the corner of Port Richmond n New st,,, shes always there on Saturday and sundays from 7 to noon inside of a minivan.. but if get there earlier so u will be lucky to have any different tamal flavor, bcs she sells everything in a few hours n u have top try her delicious Atoles( Mexican hot beverages.. she always park in front of DiDIs Chinese restaurant

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          I know this is an old post the but I have to agree. The best tamales I've had come from that minivan. Apparently they are opening up a brick and mortar joint very soon a few blocks up on Pt Richmond ave.