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May 13, 2010 07:55 AM

Where to find Vanilla beans in Philly or MainLine area?

Where can I buy good, plump grade A and B vanilla beans in the MainLine or Philly area? Main Line environs would be preferable but Philly is fine too. The furthest out west I can go is eastern Berks Co. Thanks!

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  1. Have you tried World Market?
    I'm guessing there's gotta be one in or near Philly and I know the World Markets where I've lived have always sold vanilla beans.
    Try other gourmet food/grocery stores also.

    1. I like Penzey's vanilla beans. I go to the one in Chestnut Hill, but they also do mail order.

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        Seconded. I have been very very pleased with their vanilla beans, must more so than other gourmet shops.

      2. The Head Nut in Havertown.

        1. If you search for vanilla beans on Ebay, a Doylestown company will show up in the search. Best & cheapest beans I've ever seen.

          Vanilla Products USA is their name. Not sure if they have any kind of storefront.

          1. The Spice Terminal in the RTM carries them