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The Meat House, Chelmsford

Just noticed another location of The Meat House under construction in Chelmsford in the old Hollywood Video location on RT 4.


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  1. I heard about that! Man am I psyched to get my hands on some of those tips and not have to drive as far!

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      thought they have been in there for awhile but I could be wrong. Isn't that just off Rt. 3, you can see from the highway?? Ohhh, nevermind, I think I'm thinking of provision meats.

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        Just a guess but maybe you're thinking of Alpine Butcher off 3 and 110?

    2. This is the greatest news! Is that behind CVS, across from the library?

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        No, it's across from the Dunkin Donuts next to RTE 495 on Rte 4.

      2. I've been to the Meat House in Salem NH. While I like the store, the price of the marinated meats is a little nuts. Anyway, I'm so glad it's not another typical little chain store or nail salon going in there.

        Meat House
        655 Main St, Walpole, MA 02081

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          Me too, just thought I'd report this development.

          I'd much rather drive an extra 20 minutes and overpay at the Butcher Boy. I have had to return the Meat House's tequila lime turkey tenderloins that ended up being mush from sitting around soaking it up too long. The prices are a little out of line for the quality, I agree. Needless to say, I'll still visit it in a pinch of for something different...

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            i would drive an extra 20 for the meat house. butcher boy is just alright in my book. the customer service is amazing at the house. i am affiliated with a couple or organizations and the house actually provided a full cookout to help with our fundraiser. i am smiling just thinking of only driving 5 minutes for the perfect meal. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

        2. I love the Meat House. I either go to the Salem one or the smaller North Andover one. I can't get enough of their MH marinated steak tips.

          Meat House
          655 Main St, Walpole, MA 02081

          1. I have recently been introduced to The Meat House. Since seeing that the employees are as friendly and accomodating as the meats are amazing, I dont go anywhere else. It one stop shopping! Can't wait for the Chelmsford location to open up!

            Meat House
            655 Main St, Walpole, MA 02081

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              How does it compare to Meat Again in Westford?

            2. I'm kind of loyal to locally owned Alpine Butchers, since they've always been friendly and accommodating. I hope one place doesn't drive the other out of business.

              1. In case anyone is interested, they opened today and I checked it out.

                Like I have heard in other threads, they are offering tours of the store by employees. I declined as I did not want an escort. The weirdest thing is that their employees are told to carry out your groceries for you and walk with you to your car. Nice gesture, but no need IMO.

                I got marinated Maple Bourbon chicken breast. It was good. The free "sample" steak tip (2 bites) was good too, but not as tender as others I have tried (like Butcher Boy or Dom's Sausage in Malden). Marinated steak tips are $9/lb, chicken $6/lb.

                Nice to have Dry aged beef available in town for a splurge. Lots of other goodies (Jessica's breads, various Sauces and rubs, Boars Heads line) to be had in there too!

                Overall, a nice addition to have in town. Not much different than Alpine Butcher's business model and not really any better in the pre marinated chicken and tip categories. Just a little larger space with a bit more variety.