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May 13, 2010 06:59 AM

Looking for Good Bakery in Quincy/Milton Area

We will be in Quincy on Saturday morning and need to pick up a good foccacia or french bread for lunch with friends later. Any suggestions on a Clear Flour/Iggy's type bakery in the area?

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  1. When I'm looking for nice bread, I generally go the Milton Fruit Center. They have a good assortment.

    1. There is a new bakery in Milton that's terrific! It's called Cake (or Cakes), and it's a terrific addition to the area. They have a beautiful space right across the street from Esprit du Vin. I can't find a website for them yet so can't send you to their menu but they have lots of fresh breads to choose from, as well as (of course) cakes, cupcakes, pastries, muffins, etc. They have been open two weeks or so and have been very busy every time I've stopped by. I love it.

      Esprit du Vin
      Milton, Milton, FL

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      1. re: MaggieCat

        Is this in the old Fallon Ambulance headquarters?

        1. re: FeastNut2008

          Yes. Nice assortment of breads and pastries/cakes.

          1. re: catsmeow

            I just tried this as well - it's a great addition to the area. Really nice space, a few couches and a nice long counter looking out the windows. Super-friendly and eager staff. The only thing I've tried so far is a lemon square, which was not very good - rather starchy and stodgy, with very little lemon flavor, and an underbaked crust. But that's just one item from a large selection, I'll keep trying until I find what they do well. They also sell breads from Biga bread (I think there's some connection there - before they opened the contact info on the sign had biga in the domain name). I think the name is Cakes... (the ellipses are part of the name).

        2. re: MaggieCat

          Nice place, but nothing is baked on site. Everything is baked in Charlestown and brought in. Also, the staff is nice and friendly but very forgetful. Check your bag before you leave the store. I like the cupcakes toppings/filling I had, but the cake itself is a little firmer than I would expect. The blueberry muffins are fantastic. Cookies are decent. Brownie I had was more like a brownie/fudge creation, and I didn't like it.

          1. re: Guinness02122

            I honestly haven't had the cakes or pastries because I'm just not a sweets eater. But, I have had the bread and prepared sandwiches and they are quite good and far and away better than anything else nearby (unless someone has other suggestions I've been missing!). I absolutely loved the mozzarella rollup, which had really good pesto and great flatbread.

        3. I strongly second the recommendation for the Fruit Center at the Milton Marketplace in East Milton. They have regular deliveries of Iggy's breads, and I believe a good selection of Nashoba Valley and When Pigs Fly breads as well. They also have cheeses, salad makings and other tasty foods which could round out a nice lunch.

          I haven't tried the breads in the new cupcake shop yet, so this is in no way a comment on them.

          Fruit Center Marketplace, Milton
          10 Bassett St, Milton, MA 02186