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May 13, 2010 06:02 AM

Question about asparagus...

While preparing the spears for cooking, most recipes say that you should bend the spear until it snaps and then discard the bottom end, but that seems like such a waste. What if I peel the asparagus(from below the tip to the end) and then slice off an inch or so of the end, would that work?


ps. And, how do you like your asparagus?

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  1. Look for the point on the stalk where the dark green color begins and cut there.
    (I like my asparagus roasted with olive oil and S&P.)

    1. nice fresh asparagus doesn't need to be peeled - I don't bother. I do use the bend it till it snaps trick -- it's not a waste if you keep a plastic tub with snap on lid in your freezer -- just chuck it and any other veggie scraps like broccoli stems in it. Use the scraps for soup stock sometime later. Same with shrimp shells, but have a separate tub from the veggies!

      1. I slice off the whitish ends and peel; I do think it saves a bit more of the stalk. I love them grilled or roasted, and I love them with eggs, either baked with the eggs or lightly sauteed, cut into lengths, and added to scrambled eggs. I like them lightly steamed, as a crudite with garlicky or sesame mayo. And I like to make a very easy tart, using a sheet of frozen puff pastry, pricked and sprinkled with parmesan, then spread with a layer of grated gruyere mixed with creme fraiche (or sour cream), and topped with asparagus spears (sliced in half legthwise if they're thick) and baked. (Turn it into a breakfast dish by cracking an egg or two on top and baking until they're set.)

        1. The first time I used the "snap-and-discard" trick on asparagus in front of the future Khantessa she almost put a shiv in my back. Now she uses that trick as well.

          1. I cut off the really tough part at the very end, the whitish part, and then peel only the bottom couple inces. I used to do the bend thing, but you do lose about one bite per stalk or close to it and it adds up. Plus, I don't really think everybody who says they save the ends for soup really does that. I make soup and I know I don't .

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              Well, I tried it once, but those woody, white ends didn't make very good soup.

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                I do the same thing now. Especially when I think of the times I'm craving it and asparagus is $4.99 to $5.99 a pound-the less waste the better.