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May 13, 2010 05:37 AM

Ze Kitchen Gallerie VS Ze Kitchen Bis. What is the difference?

I have time for one lunch and dinner in Paris in early June and am intrigued by the "Ze Kitchen" restaurants. Could someone break down the difference between the two in terms of price and food? The menu for ZKG (at least the one online on their English site) sounds amazing and right up our alley (lots of fish and vegetable options) and from various blog posts sounds ilke ZKB is similar but I am confused as to the difference in food and price.
I see ZKG is open for lunch but what about ZKB? Thanks!

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  1. OK, both are open for lunch, both serve food designed by William Ledeuil, but they are open slightly different days (Ze Monday, KGB Saturday), KGB is a bit less expensive 109.70 E for 2 March 29th than KGB 87.70 E for 2 October 9th, 2009, both with wine and his made-water and coffee and Ledeuil is in the kitchen at Ze but deployed his trusted sous-chef to KGB (who he left in charge anyway when he went to awards, sick bed, etc).

    I don't want to say which is better, but look at my photos at John Talbott's Paris.

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      Thanks. Both look very good, I am really torn between the two. Ahh...decisions.
      Are the prices you quoted for lunch or dinner?
      Does one need to make reservations for lunch at either place?

      1. re: lterrell

        Both costs I quoted were for lunch, at dinner all bets are off.
        I've told the story a million times but once we went at lunch to Ze and the electricity had been off and all they had was PM menus and they said, ignore the prices, we didn't have the current to print lunch ones. That was good because my eyes and heart had left my body.
        My rule about reservations is always, always, it's courteous (a restaurateur from Canada, I think, even wrote me to thank me when I said so on my blog), it gets you a primo table (by the window for example) and they refer to you by name (in my case my dead brother).

        1. re: John Talbott

          well that is good to know about the dinner prices! Lunch it will be for sure and I will be sure to make reservations. Thanks for your help.