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Toscanini's B3 ice cream

I recently discovered my new favorite ice cream flavor at Toscanini's: Brown Sugar, Brown Butter, Brownie (or maybe it's Brown Butter, Brown Sugar, Brownie), also known as B3. What an amazing collection of flavors and textures in Toscanini's perfectly creamy base! Incredibly rich, though-- a little goes a long way. Or should....

The woman packing it for me said her favorite is Burnt Caramel, and she always thinks B3 needs a bit of salt. Hmmm, I thought. So when I went home a sprinkled a few grains of fleur de sel on my portion. Heaven improved.

They sometimes have this flavor at City Feed in JP, too.

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  1. Yeah this is definitely one of their best flavors ever.

    1. I've never had this flavor in particular, but I do find it a general rule that a few grains of a nice sea salt can really improve most (already very good) ice cream flavors.

      1. Not likely to have this and Ranc's, I suppose. Sounds delicious.

        1. Agreed, I love this ice cream! My favorite though, is butter chip. Much more simple, but the flavors are wonderful!

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            Kevin, the ice cream maker at Toscaninis, is doing some great things. I love the B3 but always feel like I need a nap afterwards.

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              Butter chip is another winner, I agree! I haven't had that one in a long time.

            2. My favorite flavor there is the Butter Chip, however they do not have it very often so I usually opt for the B3.

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              1. wow, that sounds amazing.

                1. I had the saffron ice cream last year and I have been dreaming about it ever since. Has anyone seen it lately?

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                    I also had Saffron last year and it was indeed amazing. I just tried the B3 a few hours ago and must say I didn't like it --- I found it too sweet and too rich for my taste. However, the Green Tea Kit-Kat and Green Rooibos flavors were both amazing, particularly the latter.

                    Green Tea Restaurant
                    24 Elliot St, Newton Highlands, MA 02461

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                      Too rich? You find full fat premium ice cream with added butter to be too rich?

                      I guess it *is* pretty intense!

                      As for too sweet, I found that once I had added a few grains of fleur de sel to one portion, subsequent portions needed it too, lest they taste too sweet to me as well.

                  2. Love the B3 ( B cubed?), fresh mint (I've only seen it in the summer) and my all-time favorite at Tosci's: butter pistachio. It's like butter pecan except with pistachios. divine.

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                      I bought a pint of Lemon Butter yesterday (they didn't have butter chip)... it's pretty good! They also had Butter Heathbar which I didn't try- but, I'm pretty sure butter anything is going to be amazing!