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May 13, 2010 12:36 AM

Alphonso Mangoes

Anybody know if Alphonso mangoes from India are available in any of the grocery stores (Indian or otherwise) here in Seattle (preferably Bellevue)?

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  1. I don't have a source for you, but I'd love to find them as well, so please post an update if you find them. I looked while I was at HMart in Lynnwood today, as they often carry hard-to-find produce items. They had a couple different varieties of mangoes, but not the Alphonsos. But if you have a craving for Balut, you can find that in the product section. :)

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      I want to say that I saw them at the Roosevelt Whole Foods on Friday, but no promises. They also had rangpur limes, although the label was coy about actually calling them that.

      1. re: lavaca

        Went to Whole Foods at Roosevelt this afternoon and no Alphonso mangoes only the "champagne" ones. I don't think they know about Indian mangoes. I have not seen them here in Seattle, only in NY for a short period of time and $$$. Very delicious!

        1. re: tedfood

          Thanks for the response! I'm gonna call some of the Indian grocery stores here and will let you know if I find 'em!

          1. re: saffronhut

            Saw them Friday night at Mayuri in Issaquah (bonus: right near Noodle Boat!) $3.75 each, or by the box -- can't remember the price. For what it's worth, $4.75 originally but price crossed out. You might be able to haggle them down more.

            Noodle Boat
            700 NW Gilman Blvd Ste E104B, Issaquah, WA 98027

    2. Whole Foods won't have Alphonsos this year. I did order some through a specialty mail-order vendor. I would name it here but the service wasn't fantastic so I don't want to give them a plug. If you google "alphonso mangos" several mail-order vendors come up. My guy was in LA and claims to have 3,000 customers of Alphonsos. I paid back in March and missed his first two shipments because he had a backlog of unsatisfied customers from last year. When they did finally last week arrive there were incredible! I paid $80 including shipping from 12 perfect Mangos. My vendor offered 100% satisfaction guarantee (email him a photo of a bad Mango and he'll send a new one).

      I've never seen Alphonsos for sale off-the-rack in Seattle or NYC. I think you essentially need a direct relationship with someone who is ordering them from a supplier in India. Of course you could also order them direct from a supplier in India and import them yourself but that's pretty extreme...

      1. I was in Bombay last year during Alphonso season. so so good. every one visting Bombay from another part of India took home at least a box full--they were so hard to get outside of Maharashtra, much less internationally. Now I am tempted to import my own perfect box!