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May 12, 2010 10:27 PM

Dried figs gone hard....what to do with them?

I have a jar of dried figs. I purchased them to just eat as a snack but they are really hard.
Any ideas what I can do with them??

thanks deb

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  1. I rehydrate dried fruit with a liquer or even rum for my chocolate truffles. I would thenk you could do that and use them in a cake or candy.

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      Like tonka11 99 suggests - soak in liquer, rum or whiskey and you have the basis for a nice dessert or candy. I'd dip them in a nice dark chocolate.

    2. And if you don't want to rehydrate with a liquer, plain old boiling water will do the trick!

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        or fruit juice - i soak chopped dried figs in cranberry or pomegranate juice before adding to granola, and the flavors work really well together.

      2. Yes, rehydrate them in water, fruit juice, liquor, such as rum or cognac, any fruit-flavored liquor, various types of wine; use in baking, or stuff them with cheese or nuts, dip in chocolate; I've even used port-marinated figs for wrapping with proscuitto, in a pinch when I couldn't get fresh ones. Figs fit very well with duck, chicken, pork or lamb dishes.

        Make your own fig bars, yup, just like Fig Newtons, only yours. Here's a chow link with some suggestions and recipe links:

        1. What you want to do with them AFTER you rehydrate them would be the key for me. If I wanted to get them back to the semi-moist condition they were in when I bought them, I would put them in a closed container with several sliced or diced apples, close tightly and set on a high refrigerator shelf (warmer shelves are at the top) for a few days to a week. Depending on how dry the figs are, the apple may need to be replaced. But if you want stewed figs to either eat as such or to combine in a recipe, then I'd go with the boiling water, or just put them in a saucepan with water to cover and simmer gently. Fruit juices and liqueurs will add a flavor of their own, which can be interesting *IF* that's what you have in mind to start with. Good luck!

          1. FAB ideas all many many thanks. I shall rehydrate some in rum, some in orange juice & some with the apple to see which i prefer....

            I love this web site its sooo helpful!

            thanks again all of you
            Deb :o)