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May 12, 2010 06:18 PM

Noodles in Flushing

I have been reading through the boards about the many finds in flushing. I have made several trips now and each one gets better and better. I am looking for recommendations on the best noodle dishes. Any type of noodles and any type of dish. Thanks!

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  1. cold noodle in red chili sauce and cold sesame noodles at Spicy and Tasty--yum..but get the old man to make them for you, the waiter does a half ass job when he's manning the bar up front.

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      Exactly, the older gent who looks like a Chinese Mr Clean is the man. Also, X'ian Famous makes a mean noodle dish or two.

    2. The best noodles were the cold sesame noodles at Yipin Chinese Cuisine, which changed ownership over a year ago. Xian at Golden Mall is best now. Lamb soup place on upper level of Golden Mall is excellent. Dan Dan noodles at Chengdu Heaven in Golden Mall is excellent. Temple Snacks at Flushing Mall has good Taiwanese noodle dishes. Dry noodles aren't dry, but not in soup.

      Golden Shopping Mall
      41-28 Main St, Queens, NY 11355