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Which restaurant will be the least douche-y on a Saturday night?

SnowWhite May 12, 2010 05:57 PM

As usual ... takin' a friend out for his birthday which happens to sadly fall on a Saturday night this year ... amateur night! I try to keep my dining out experiences limited to Sundays thru Thursday. Alas ... we're going on on a Saturday .... which is best & least overrun with people I moved to this city to avoid?

The Orchard
Locanda VERde
Bar Blanc

Or any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

217 Eldridge St., New York, NY 10002

31 West 17th Street, New York, NY 10011

328 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10014

  1. iFat May 12, 2010 06:02 PM

    Apizz is your best option for least douchey.... Locanda probably the best option overall though, and, since it is a Saturday Night, you might as well at least try to get a res at Locanda to check out some kind of scene. It's not THAT bad there, it's no meat packing district type. Although you do get a good dose of hotel crowd.


    217 Eldridge St., New York, NY 10002

    1. r
      rrems May 12, 2010 06:25 PM

      I rarely go to these places on Saturdays, but I think I would avoid LV as it is pretty obnoxious even on weekdays, so I hate to think what a Saturday would be like. Bar Blanc is pretty safe. Another good choice would be Perilla. Haven't been to Apizz or Orchard. I love Aldea and Recette but don't know what the Saturday clientele is like. Does it have to be downtown? I have found Marseille and Orso to be good bets for Saturdays, very nice once the pre-theater crowds have cleared out.

      1. c
        canuckwife May 12, 2010 07:16 PM

        I took my husband to LV last Friday night, it wasn't douchey to me - in fact, I have yet to find a restaurant that deserves the "douche" reputation in this city - I spent 7 years in LA, and THAT'S where the douche restaurant originated!

        I haven't been to the other places, but I would agree that Perilla was good, albeit cramped. Good luck!

        9 Jones Street, New York, NY 10014

        1. u
          UnderemployedInNYC May 12, 2010 07:26 PM

          I've never been to Aldea on a weekend night, but I really love the food there. When I was there the staff seemed really calm and pleasant, and I think that translated to my understanding of the restaurant. It would be a beautiful birthday meal. Locande Verde is very high volume on the weekends but not really douchey- it's a pretty fun atmosphere and I've yet to see total scenester bs there.


          31 West 17th Street, New York, NY 10011

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          1. re: UnderemployedInNYC
            kathryn May 13, 2010 08:33 AM

            I've been to Aldea on the weekends, and while it wasn't dead quiet, it also seemed oddly 60% full. Kind of sedate, actually, for a Saturday night. But GREAT food, great service, love the decor and atmosphere, but not really a "scene."

            31 West 17th Street, New York, NY 10011

            1. re: kathryn
              RGR May 13, 2010 10:07 AM

              We've not been to Aldea on a Friday or Saturday. I'm really surprised to hear that it isn't packed on weekends.

              When we had lunch there last week, tables filled up nicely, mostly with business folks.

              Our lunch was superb! I left the photography to one of our companions whose photographs are far superior to mine: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ulterior...

          2. c
            chaz May 12, 2010 07:28 PM

            Uh, I'm out of the loop-and I don't mean Chicago. What's "douchey"? Is it anything like "sucky"?

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            1. re: chaz
              small h May 12, 2010 09:15 PM

              It refers to the clientele. "Douchebag" is a catchall term for "obnoxious person I'd rather not be around," and "douche-y" is its adjective form. It means different things to different people, but this is what it means to me:


              1. re: small h
                Turtlejay May 13, 2010 08:57 AM

                small h, that link is hysterical with a capital H.

                1. re: Turtlejay
                  small h May 13, 2010 10:32 AM

                  Be careful. If you stare at it too long, your eyes may start to bleed.

            2. D...DF May 13, 2010 08:39 AM


              328 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10014

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              1. re: D...DF
                NellyNel May 13, 2010 09:36 AM

                I was at Apizz recently on a Saturday night - and really it was not douchey in the least!!
                ...and I hate douchy!!
                The food was also awesome as usual

                217 Eldridge St., New York, NY 10002

              2. s
                SnowWhite May 13, 2010 09:40 AM

                Wow! Thank you all for your blunt and honest answers! Looks like we're all on the same page! I was worried I was gonna get pummeled for using the D-word! LOL!

                1. n
                  nativeNYer May 13, 2010 09:50 AM

                  SnowWhite and Contributors,
                  GREAT post!


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