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Looking for Traditional Philly Italian

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After having some great Italian meals that trend upscale (Amis, Le Virtu, Osteria), am looking for a place that turns out more traditional fare from my childhood: veal parm, spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna. Any suggestions in South Philly, Bella Vista or even Center City? Coming from Delco so pretty much anything along the way might also work

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  1. The usual suspects are:

    Dante & Luigi's

    You will find reviews (both positive and negative) of all of these places here.

    1. Bomb Bomb BBQ (not a BBQ restaurant) on Wolf St. in South Philly. In Center City, Shank's will do the trick for sandwiches but they are not open for dinner.

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        I have to say that Bomb Bomb's ribs aren't bad, but I have yet to have something else off of the menu that I really thought was good. In fact, my wife had a chicken dish that was almost inedible.

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          +1 for VIlla Di Roma! (and the pasta alici)

        2. This place is not upscale or trendy, but for red sauce Italian, Anthony's in Drexel Hill is my guilty pleasure.

          1. If your in delco, you might as well go to Pica's in Upper Darby. Anthony's is not bad either.

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                Dined on Chicken Marsala at Villa Di Roma last night. Outstanding-The best!

              2. Criniti's' lasagna and eggplant parm are the gold standard

                1. I still remember Triangle Tavern's Ziti and Asparagus from years ago with fondness. 10th and Reed

                  1. Franco's Osteria on City Line at Presidential Blvd has great eggplant parm and gnocchi with marinara or bolognese. (Note that this is the Franco who used to run Franco's Trattoria in East Falls. That location is still open under that name, but the "real" Franco has relocated to City Line.)

                    1. I really like the meatballs and chicken cutlet at Stogie Joe's But their pizza is a must-try.